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How to write ecommerce product descriptions- 9 easy rules

  • February 27, 2021
  • Sreeshma DasanK
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A product page description is a sort of marketing copy describing your product. It sounds simple, yet the ecommerce product description is a powerful element in the world of eCommerce. As per reports, missing or unclear product information is responsible for 20% of purchase failures.

A good ecommerce product description showcases the product information and will showcase the worth of the product. The visitors must get enough information to get compelled to make a purchase. In short, a product description not just involves ‘telling’ about the product, but it is all about selling the product to customers.’

When it comes to writing product descriptions, you cannot follow a ‘one size fits all’ approach. However, there are a few specifications and parameters that are unavoidable. For example, every product description must convey your products’ details along with some specific information like shape, size, and dimensions.

However, with the power of an ecommerce product description, you can turn a casual visitor into a revenue-generating buyer. Here are some tips you must follow to write a compelling product description.

1. Define your target audience

With millions of products online, you cannot survive with a general content description. Before writing a product description, you must have a clear idea about the potential buyers’ features. You must understand what they might be interested in what they might look for when they land on your page. These factors help you to define your target audience. You must do a bit of research and find a solution to some key focus areas to know your audience.

Every visitor is a potential customer. So, you must focus on how the visitor might have landed on your website, what he might be looking for. For example if you own a website selling footwear, it is obvious that the visitors landed on the website are looking for shoes. So, your next focus would be on the benefits or features or that would appeal to the visitors.

2. Write for your target audience

Once you get an idea of your target audience, you must focus on writing a product description that directly addresses your target audience. Product descriptions are a fantastic opportunity to engage the visitors of a website. So, it would be best if you kept the product description in a simple language directed towards the user. 

A simple tip is to imagine the potential buyer while writing the product description simply. What would you speak to someone who walks into your shop? 

The product description should resonate as if you are selling your product to a customer in the store, talking face-to-face. Every visitor would relate to a story similar to a real conversation rather than that computer-generated string of words.

3. Highlight the Product Benefits in product description

A common mistake every content writer makes while writing a product description includes not mentioning its benefits. A customer does look for features, but he is keenly interested in knowing how the product will benefit him. He gets an idea of how innovatively he can use the product or how useful it is to him.

However, most of the content writers share only the product’s qualities and specification and fail to provide a clear picture. Define as if the customers can imagine him using the product at home. It would be best if you focused on how the product can affect the buyer’s life rather than technical information.

4. Tell the Full Story

To bring little life into your content, you must include a background story or a product’s rational history. Traditional history also adds an added credibility and an emotional value to the product. It would help if you focused on emotions because emotions influence the behaviour of a buyer.

5. Avoid too many superlatives

Too many superlatives in a text do not create any good impression on the mind of a visitor. Instead, you must use some power words to stand out. Words like amazing, life-changing, marvelous, mind-blowing miraculous, surprising adorable etc., add a little extra spark to your content.

6. Use some sensory words in product description

Sensory words are mostly used to describe food related eCommerce products. Restaurants are the best examples where you can see using sensory words to increase sales. These words define a product with its texture, sound or nature. You must be familiar with names like crunchy, velvety, smooth, silky, tempting, crisp, bright, super-soft, cuddly etc. Such words attract the brain more, and you can feel the experience. Sensory words have a more powerful impact on the reader’s minds.

7. Provide social proof

Social proof and reviews

Every visitor looks for suggestions and reviews before buying a product. The highest number of reviews can persuade a user to end up buying the product. So, on the product description page, you must not forget to add the reviews. But there are other ways to sneak social proof into your product descriptions.

8. Write a scannable product description

The description should not only be well written, but it must also be reader-friendly. Imagine a product page filled with too much content; will the customers read it? The answer is an obvious no!

So make your content reader-friendly and google friendly, break the content and arrange it in a readable format. For example, you can use a bullet list to highlight your product’s key features and benefits. 

Here are a few factors to consider and include in a product description format:

  • A clear, appealing headline
  • Bullet list of some short and crisp sentences describing the products
  • Ample white space 
  • Appropriate font size 

9. Keep SEO in Mind

Just as the eCommerce themes and ecommerce plugins, SEO also plays a significant role in the growth of eCommerce websites. SEO helps in driving increasing conversions, and overall sales of an eCommerce website

So, you must write product descriptions with SEO in mind. It would be best to strategically find out keywords that consumers search for and use them in your product description. Keywords ensure the search crawlers will make sure your page ranks better. However, you must not overdo keywords and stick to the consumer first approach.


Thus, product description has a significant role in the sale of an eCommerce website. If you succeed to choose the right set of words, keywords, tone and present your content in a scannable format with quality images, you have mastered the art of writing good product description.

We hope you enjoyed our article and our 9 easy rules on how to write product description. You may also like to check out our latest article on the top trends in 2021 that are shaping the future of ecommerce.

Sreeshma Dasan K
Sreeshma Dasan K

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