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Top tips to lay a foundation for your Ecommerce website



Maintaining an Ecommerce website is not easy always. If your business sells tangible products, you need to have a robust online presence. These days if you are not online, you do not exist. There is a tremendous amount of competition in the Ecommerce space, and winning is a bit tough. Your competition is with huge giants in this Ecommerce sector. You have to cover your bases when it comes to running an Ecommerce website.  

Following the below-discussed best practices could lay a strong foundation for your Ecommerce website and help you increase conversions for your Ecommerce store.

Engaging design for Ecommerce websites

The first impression is the last, and let it be any business, its appearance matters a lot. What do you say? Am I right or wrong?

Would you like to walk into a store that smells bad, is disorganized, and has a terrible uninviting atmosphere or into a spacious, clean and comfortable store like an Apple Store? 

Your Ecommerce website design signals the company behind the screen. Every picture and every word matters a lot. Design plays a major role in positioning your online store for growth. Make your website design a priority, and hire a perfect designer to create an eye-catching Ecommerce website design for your business. 

Speed- Every second count

Users are impatient and will not wait around for slow pages to load. Speed influences the purchase decision of your user. Some research and studies reveal that people expect a web page to load in two seconds or less. They will abandon a web page if it takes more than three seconds to load. For an Ecommerce website, a single second can mean hundreds of dollars. So is the speed of your Ecommerce website up to the mark? 

SEO- High priority  

Search is an integral part of the consumer’s decision-making process. Research reveals that consumers usually start searching for the products they want to buy through a search engine such as Google, and after that, the next step will be the navigation to your website. Traffic to your Ecommerce website comes from search engines. If your website isn’t one of the top results, you might lose your customers.

That is the reason you need to focus all your efforts on Search Engine Optimization. Ignoring SEO means taking the risk of not being visible during your customer’s buying journey. SEO integration increases the effectiveness of your marketing activities and also improves your website’s organic search visibility.

Shopping costs & painless transactions

Your customer searched for a product, visited your website, viewed the product selection and picked a product they need. The product he picked is in his shopping cart, but when he reaches the checkout option, he unexpectedly gets high shipping costs, and that website does not accept specific payment methods.

Before placing an order, some of the Ecommerce websites ask to create an account. All this makes that user pissed off, and he might leave the website without purchasing the product. In the competitive online marketplace, your Ecommerce website should have different payment methods promising a secure checkout experience.

Product Selection- More is not always better

Giving your customers many choices can cost you a lot sometimes. Let your customers find what they are searching for quickly without having a decision paralysis. The customer lives a busy life, and the easier the shopping process, the more enjoyable. Product selection has to be perfectly strategized. Keep your search boxes more prominent and help users choose their products by brand or category. 

Mobile friendly Ecommerce website

The relationship between consumers and their mobile devices is something that should not be ignored these days. People who own a smartphone use their mobile devices to complete their online purchases. There is a dramatic shift in the way people consume content.

Having a mobile-friendly Ecommerce store provides lots of perks in business. Do you have a responsive web-design implemented? If not, get your mobile-friendly Ecommerce website ready; connect with us!

Partner with other brands

Customers usually do not love to give their hard-earned money to not-so-well-known companies. To establish your company’s reputation, you need to showcase which companies are working with you. It will help in adding a degree of trustworthiness to your enterprise. Highlight the partner companies on your homepage to immediately showcase your reputation to your website visitors. 

Product images

There is a big difference between shopping for a product at a store and shopping online. Ecommerce website does not let your buyers touch and feel the product they want to buy. But in a physical store, the scene is different. Customers can see, touch and feel the product.

So on your Ecommerce website, you need to provide your customers with high-quality pictures to give them a sense of actually visiting the store. Allow shoppers to explore the product in a way as close as possible to an in-store experience. It will increase their confidence in the product and their decision to buy.


User-friendliness is the most crucial aspect of a successful Ecommerce website. Customers visiting the website want to see a site that is simple, intuitive and easy to navigate. If you cannot give your customers a website according to their needs, they will move on to another website. Explore more about the agencies which can help you to build an amazing e-commerce website.

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