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Brand Identity.

Our expert brand identity agency in London collaborates with you to craft a distinctive brand identity, ensuring your brand shines above the competition.

Our Approach.


Explore & Research.

By diving deep into research and exploration, we understand the core values, voice, and personality, forging a stronger brand identity that speaks directly to your desired audience.


Crafting Brand 

With the art of storytelling, we craft narratives that forge emotional bonds between your brand and its audience, breathing life into your company’s journey with captivating, inspiring and compelling messaging.


Verbal Identity.

At our fingertips, skilled writers curate a distinct verbal persona tailored to your brand. We dive into the essence of your organisation, carving a tone of voice, establishing a messaging hierarchy, and devising brand messaging guidelines. These strategies ensure seamless consistency across every communication channel.


Visual Identity.

Our creative designers breathe life into your brand’s visual persona, crafting a mesmerising identity that encapsulates your organisation’s core. We fuse essential elements such as colour palettes, typography, and imagery to produce a compelling visual representation of your brand.



After finalising your brand identification, we help you implement it across all channels, guaranteeing a consistent and unified brand experience. It involves creating comprehensive brand guidelines and providing continuous support to ensure the enduring strength of your brand identity.

Why you need a brand identity?

You must establish a brand or corporate identity to ensure consistency in your creative and marketing materials.



It helps your audience recognise and remember your business amidst competition.



A distinctive brand identity sets you apart from competitors. It communicates what makes your business unique.


Trust & Credibility

A well-crafted brand identity encourages confidence and credibility with your audience.


Emotional Connection

Brands with a compelling identity can evoke emotions and forge deeper customer connections.

Brand loyality

Brand Loyalty

A strong brand identity fosters loyalty among customers.


Consistency & Cohesion

Ensures consistency across all touchpoints, including your website, social media and marketing materials.

Our Recent Branding Work.

Create a solid brand identity to convey Mozilor’s transformative nature and place the company as a unique identifier in the market.
Shape a dynamic brand identity and craft a captivating logo for
NuFlights, breathing new life into the travel industry.
Introducing a new brand identity for the Votefriar online voting web application focussing on India and the GCC regions.

Asked Questions.

What is the role of brand identity designers?

Brand identity designers analyse your current creative and marketing materials, vision, mission, values and positioning. They then craft a design system that ensures a unified message. This system encompasses visual elements and may extend to tone of voice and other tangible aspects of your business.

It encompasses everything you require. At its centre, it involves the logo, application, typography, colour schemes, and designs for your business’s stationery.

Sophisticated brand identity encompasses brochures, printed materials, icons, photography, website branding, tone of voice and beyond.

Theoretically, anyone can gather information online and attempt a DIY approach to corporate identity, but entrusting it to professionals yields optimal results.

With over 16 years of experience collaborating with numerous brands, we offer a wealth of expertise in crafting brand identities.

It often is, but it leans towards strategy rather than creative visuals.

At Sweans, we assist clients with both elements. However, it’s best to establish your strategy before diving into the visual aspects of brand identity design.

Absolutely. Without a brand identity, each design project requires starting from square one.

A solid brand identity ensures designers grasp your marketing collateral’s required appearance upfront, streamlining the process. This efficiency ultimately saves time and money in the long run.