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How to earn money from a news website?


The world of journalism was mainly ruled by the print comprising of newspapers and magazines. With the advent of the internet, newspapers and magazines experienced a dramatic shift led by technology. With a vast audience online, the newspapers focused their attention on creating a robust digital presence.

The number of online readers is increasing day by day. Today a person can access all the latest local, national and international news straight away on their mobile phones or desktop. Many newspapers have gone digital, and there are already billions of news websites out there. So there’s a lot of competition and challenges while running a news website. Besides attracting readers and growing the audience, monetizing from the website is also quite a struggle.

If you are running a news website and struggling to find out monetization systems, we have the right content for you. 

To make money from a news website, first, you must know of all the income streams out there. You can figure out which revenue stream and monetization strategies are likely to work best for your news portal.

So get ready and explore a range of different methods to bring in the big bucks!

1. Focus to get more traffic

A critical step before monetization is to drive more traffic to your websites. The website traffic determines your success in making money from a news website.

You must work hard and do the right keyword research to improve traffic. You can utilize search tools like Google’s Keyword Planner and Long Tail Pro. Try to focus on the long-tail keywords which contain more than three or more words on it. With the short tail keywords, it isn’t easy to get traffic to your blogs. SEO tools are also beneficial in case you are a beginner.

We recommend starting with keywords which have a monthly competition less than 1000. 

2: Get quality content

Only good quality content can drive the audience to your website and help to maintain loyal readers. If you want to earn money from news website then focus towards creating a unique and genuine editorial style content using a team of editors, reporters, photographers, and other content producers. 

3. Pay Per Click ads to earn money from news website

The PPC (Pay per Click) ads are a common strategy used by many popular news websites to generate income. Decent traffic on your sites can enable you to make a high income by using the Pay per Click ads. Usually, you can expect to earn between $0.50 to $2 per click, while popular websites can earn thousands of dollars per month through PPC advertising.

PPC advertising is usually run through Google’s AdSense; however, many other publishing networks Bing Ads and AdRoll enable to display publisher’s ads on your sites. When someone clicks on those ads, you get easy money. Your income from Pay per Click ads depends on the traffic and the number of clicks your site generates. The more traffic, the more likely you are going to get clicks.

If you manage to get more than 100,000 visitors, you can try PPC ads and expect an excellent passive income each month. PPC advertising is not popular among local news publishers because rates are usually much lesser than what publishers could earn by directly selling to advertisers. 

4. Earn money from a news website with Banner ads

Attracting Banner ads to your website can help you make more money. You need the traffic to attract decent banner ads. Expect to earn around $100 to $2000 per month depending upon your website audience’s quality.

If you have a good quality, quality self-hosted WordPress website with more than 50,000-page impressions per month you can find great banner ads at the BuySellAds marketplace to show on your news sites.

You must avoid using too many ads on your sites as it annoys visitors. Always try to use ads that are relevant to your site audience and aim for high paying ads.

5. Product Sales

If you are looking for monetizing initially and do not have such high traffic, this monetization strategy is suitable. You can sell your products or other’s products from your sites to make decent money.

However, you must find the right products your audience are interested in and promote them widely to reach out to more people. Promoting other products refers to Affiliate marketing, and you need to build the audience trust first for this. It would be best if you focused more on audience interest than the number of the audience here. 

Affiliate marketing strategy has successfully helped top online marketers such as Darren Rowse, Pat Flynn and John Chow etc. to make millions of dollars!

How to create a compelling news website?

If you are wondering how to increase your overall ad impressions, you need to create an appealing design to convert more visitors into clicks. We highly recommend you to choose a perfect news website theme

The News times WordPress theme is a minimal newspaper WordPress theme with powerful features, future-proof, modern design with superb performance. You can try out the theme that offers unique demos, and elegant design that remarkably helps you build a news website with ease. 


Here were some tips on building a compelling news website and practical strategies to earn money from your news website. You can also read our guide to create an online news website using WordPress theme. Apart from these, you can try other methods like sponsorships, subscriptions, memberships, and live events. If you have a local newspaper, then display advertising is what we recommend. 

We hope you enjoyed our article on how to earn money from a news website. It would be best if you always remembered that making money from a news website takes time. So have patience and good luck!

Sreeshma Dasan K
Sreeshma Dasan K

Sreeshma Dasan K is a Content Writer with passion for writing. She holds a first-class master’s degree in General Biotechnology. Her writings cover a vast area such as Women Empowerment, Science and Technology, Environment, Nature and Gaming.

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