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A guide to create an online News Website with a WordPress News Theme!


Do you recall the last time you took a newspaper in your hand to read it? A few years before, the newspaper was a day-to-day need for us. A cup of tea and a newspaper was the way we used to start our day. Nowadays, everything is getting online. We have started getting our news online, and reports suggest two-thirds of adults use social media to know about the latest happenings.  

The online news portal is what people are mostly looking for these days. Start your news website and publish the latest news and share them on social media. It will turn your online news portal to one of the top publishing news websites in the industry. Starting a website has never been this easy. This guide will help you learn how to launch your news website using WordPress News Theme easily. Let’s move on with some easy steps.

Choose the best platform

From among several platforms available for creating websites, I recommend you to choose WordPress for the news website you are planning to develop. WordPress powers more than 90% of the website. It makes your content SEO friendly, is responsive to all types of devices, and is translation ready.

Designing homepage

Developing a news website starts with designing a layout which is plentiful yet easily accessible as different news websites are publishing a massive amount of content daily. Your readers should get tons of information to choose from to keep them interested and engaged in your site. News Times WordPress News theme with its fantastic layout will assist you in creating an eye-catching and exciting news website. The primary task is to keep your visitors engaged and then start bridging him/her into different topics. Implementing a clean template will help you in creating an eye-catching design making your news website unique. The News-Times WordPress News Theme adjusts easily on all the devices and screen sizes.

An everlasting user journey

Attracting more traffic to your news website is very important in enhancing your web presence. You can monetize your website by displaying affiliate links or advertisements. With our News-Times WordPress News theme, it’s easier to launch a news website and maximizing clicks to create a never-ending user journey. The News-Times is a clean WordPress News theme designed to attract more viewers to your website. Enriched with tons of of advanced features, the theme looks great and functions right the way you need it. With a click of very few buttons, you can create unique layouts without having to sweat for it. Make sure your readers always have another story or article to read on your news magazine site. Create a never-ending user journey and guide your readers through your site in as straight a line as possible.

Flexible & accessible Layouts

People nowadays browse on their smartphones which makes the user-friendly design a must-have feature for any website. If you want your news website to get more traffic, you have to make it more responsive. News-Times WordPress News theme will be the perfect theme to help you deliver a fantastic user experience.

It’s classy, clean and fully responsive and will help you to make your website stand out from the competition. Editing and managing the website gets more comfortable as there is no coding required. The theme is SEO-friendly, multilingual, cross-browser compatible and well-documented.

Develop social media presence

Making your news website SEO-friendly is not sufficient if you are eager to make your news website fruitful. A considerable number of global consumers prefer interacting directly with companies on social media sites. So it’s necessary to set up active social media accounts to help your news website get popularity. Those social media accounts will work hand in hand in driving your audience. This theme comes with flexible forms, built-in layouts, theme customizer and more.

Up-to-date Technologies and Trends

Modern trends and technologies are evolving day by day, so you need to keep your website up to date with the latest developments in technology. Do not overload your website with more animations, images and graphics. The News-Times WordPress News Theme is a premium WordPress theme that has been tailored to suit the needs of anyone intending to build a news website.

The WordPress News theme offers a modern layout with an elegant homepage that helps to establish a strong first impression on your audience. Moreover, it provides the most attractive, lively and attention-grabbing structure that keeps your audience involved. The theme comes packed with several features that help you build a powerful news website. It’s a simple and minimal theme that draws precise focus on the content on the website.



I hope you get this article useful. Besides, an outstanding 24/7 customer support will help you guide your efforts. Even with a skill gap, you can customize the theme to match your particular needs and your readers’ tastes.

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