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Why join Sweans?

We are a leading digital marketing company.

We exemplify high morale, innovation, loyalty, sincerity and happiness. Each of our associate is supported by the other to achieve our business goals.

There is a freedom of thought that helps you share your ideas with the team without hesitation.

Able and enthusiastic individuals who explore their creativity and commit their dedication are welcome to join us.

Creativity matters

Sweans help global companies to achieve their digital marketing goals. Our clients come from around the world and we provide the best designs, coding and branding. We look for high quality professionals with tremendous creativity.

We are hunting for a talent-run group of specialists who can revolutionize our client’s digital experience through compelling design, effective technology, and impactful marketing.

We are present in Calicut, Thiruvananthapuram, Dubai, New York, London and Europe. Join us at any of our locations.



Health and Fitness

To provide hassle free health cover to all our associates we joined the country's largest insurance network called "Employee State Insurance Scheme" as well as "Private Insurance”. Motto behind this is to keep our team healthy and fit. Different types of sports like badminton, cricket etc. are played by the associates to keep themselves fresh.

Leave policy

We have adopted a satisfactory leave policy which helps our employees to get a break from the working environment. Restrictive holidays are also added irrespective of the working days in client countries taking into account our employees festivals and fun. We also have maternal and paternal leaves which are entirely complied with the labour laws.


We offer competitive salary packages to full time outstanding associates. Incentives are allotted to the employees as a recognition of their extraordinary efforts towards our company. High performers are appreciated with various awards and recognitions.


At Sweans we ensure that our employees don't miss out on the joys of celebration. Let it be any festival we celebrate it with in grandeur. We also engage in programs such as Cricket tournament, Sweans premier league, rock shows, DJ's, parties, tours and the list goes on.

Training and Development

At Sweans we admire the employees who wish to transform their career. From the induction programs we regularly provide high quality training sessions which enrich the skills and knowledge of the employees. We have many options to allow peer to peer learning opportunities, attending sessions and workshops. We also have online learning subscriptions and international magazines which enhances the knowledge of our employees.

Fun at work

We work with a “fun at work” approach. Life at Sweans is never the same every day. Different engagement programs on weekdays and parties on weekends help our employees to relax. We find a different reason to celebrate each day.

Employee Referral Bonus Program

We need employees who are smart contributors and who can be with us for longer periods of time. Employee referral bonus program helps us to get referrals from our existing employees thus bringing us the best. The employee who gives the reference is given a monetary reward which in turn acts as an extra income for our employees.

Performance Appraisal

Carrying out performance appraisal at Sweans includes evaluation of skills employed for the completion of tasks assigned to an employee during the period of appraisal. Evaluation of performance depends upon, different criterias like timeliness, quality of work carried out by the employee, customer and peer satisfaction and other points enhancing business potential.

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