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Our Approach

We make the impossible possible, ordinary extraordinary when creative minds come together. We collaborate to initiate our creative design process for each client’s unique requirements.

Process Step 1
Initial Contact

We begin the project’s journey by meeting or communicating with our clients. Our team conducts extensive research to gain know-how on the market trends, competitors, and eCommerce tech stack.

With the client’s feedback, we can identify, perceive and address the needs, gaps, or preferences that exist between current and desired scenarios.

Process Step 2

We generate a sitemap using a “Slickplan”. The sitemap aids in creating a prototype webpage and layout that can be assessed and reconfigured in full compliance with the project plan or any specific needs.

During this process, the clients can evaluate the sitemap, allowing one another to prioritise which content and pages are more important. Our design team’s layout, sitemap, and wireframes enable clients to identify special needs that require immediate attention.

Process Step 3

Our design team organises, documents, and visualises each step of the project, whether we are establishing a marketing website or implementing new marketing strategies.

Clients should share high-resolution images and data of the brand elements that encapsulate the company’s identity that stimulate customers to buy the product or service.

Process Step 4

With a detailed list of requirements on the side, our versatile developers get to work building the envisioned website or eCommerce solution. We incorporate a content management platform with personalised themes and advanced APIs to contribute to the website features.

Process Step 5

In customer-oriented marketing, content serves as the glue and the trigger for interaction. High-quality content that is relevant and consistent offers mutual value to audiences while keeping the brand at the frontline. Our content writers focus on providing meaningful information to visitors by including relevant keywords.

Our content team would start concentrating on one topic for each page. If the clients disapprove of the content, we choose the content from the client’s perspective.

Process Step 6

Our stringent Quality Assurance (QA) testing compares and analyses the website’s behaviour in different browser environments. Senior Quality Analysts perform cross-browser testing to see whether the source code contains errors, accompanied by debugging to locate and fix any errors.

Before launching the site, we conduct a final client review. In this process, we will also establish strategies for communicating the site’s launch to the rest of the world.

Process Step 7
Continuous Delivery

Sweans’ broad experience in the eCommerce landscape, customer-focused website solutions and cutting-edge technology can be advantageous to ensure the maximum long-term success of clients’ sales and marketing strategies.

We constantly evaluate and gather client feedback on key website features to transform suggestions into profitable deliverables.

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