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YouTube Multi-Channel Network (MCN) and its relevance.

YouTube Multi-Channel Network (MCN) and its relevance

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Ajay C Thomas


Third party service providers affiliating with multiple YouTube channels, with an aim to offer services inclusive of development of audience, programming of the content, management of the digital rights, monetization and sales are termed as the Multi-Channel Network (MCN).  YouTube or Google do not endorse MCNs and the other third party service providers. List of YouTube Certified service providers can be viewed in the Creator Services Directory. Over 800 million unique users visit YouTube each month.

Big networks partner  acquire multi channel networks investing huge amount of money. Multi- Channel network could be relevant for you, if your targets are millennial and younger audiences around the globe. Joining an MCN is an imperative choice for any You Tube creator as your YouTube channel starts growing. Before joining, make sure to understand the services or the results which you will get back in exchange of your investment.

Networks, Channels and Viewers

MCN alludes to the networks including a huge number of YouTube video channels. Banding together with the YouTube, channels utilize their global video platform to monetize, oversee and syndicate directly with the general population with famous YouTube channels. Creators get assistance from MCN to fabricate their content by providing access to the production assets and look for sponsors for marked content opportunities. MCN’s, for example, the Full screen (AT&T/Cherning), Maker Studios (Disney) and Machinima (as of late banded together by WB) and VeVo combination of Universal, Google, Sony and Abu Dhabi Media) that as of now draw in more than 3 to 4 billion video views monthly. Contents are organized out likewise to link systems including news, parody, excitement, video games, and activity.

Re-imagination vs. Re-purposing

Traditional companies face hardships in building innovative, highly scaled offerings with huge user base. Temptation to export the native success into the digital world business models and talents, using same structure, processes, and systems. MCN’s digital success needs to be genuinely earned and requires a new approach to migrate from a traditional platform to a new one. This process needs a great deal of long meetings, planning and market testing.

Shared Not Viewed

The topics are in tune with relevant and current matters of younger audience, and they trigger the next online viral trends, because they are basically shared instead of viewed. They trust that content because it comes from a reliable source. In addition, some MCNs comment on what parent outlets don’t. Real experiences, non-traditional insights and familiar environments win over high-gloss productions.

Brand Deals

To negotiate brand deals for influencer marketing MCNs connect YouTube channels with companies. This is beneficial for those who are not much acquainted with negotiating financial deals and for those who only prefer creating content and hire someone to manage those deals.

Copyright Claim Protection

The biggest advantage of joining MCN is receiving copyright claim protection. To be precise, don’t misunderstand that joining a network gives you the right to ignore YouTube’s Community Guidelines and copyright policies. Yes, the protection of your content may vary, according to the network but the actual rule is that if there are any strikes, the responsibility lies on your network and not on your personal channel.

Fresh, Flexible and Low Budget

Digital initiatives are the aftereffect of a more agile process fueled by action. Product gets into market faster, client encounter followed progressively with a rapid cycle emphasis. No need of a big budget, a detailed planning or a hotshot to drive a video channel hit. Organizations can test ideas straight into the market quickly, and perceive how it works. This adaptability enhances a creative, exploratory culture as much as on its procedures and building direct relationships with viewers, demo leadership and incredible engagement experience.

Traditional Marketing is our friend

Media organizations convey numerous interesting abilities to supplement most MCN’s: aptitude in adaptation, esteem creation and strong marketer- agency relationships. A huge portion of the players have expert involvement in authorizing, promoting web based business with unparalleled cross-platform packaging and brand management aptitudes. These are special capacities that can accelerate monetization of a multi-channel system, with unique IP’s conveyed through digital channels, broadening income streams from the content created.

One of the key is to permit the collaboration to happen. Local content created will expand circulation and income streams beyond YouTube, while connecting worldwide groups of onlookers. It’s critical to bolster MCN’s key capacities: moving quick, creating tense substance, and being willing to take a risk. You can be the big brother and share your expertise, and use their experience enhancing the plan of action. This could be a keen development towards a reasonable digital video content model.

Should you join?

While you start thinking of MCN, the main thing to be considered is about the value a network can provide you. MCN’s offer numerous opportunities and support that you may not be able to get on your own. You should not sell yourself short just because you are small. You should treat yourself just like you have to offer a lot.

Ajay C Thomas