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Creating versatile and exceptional websites

An Overview

ThemesVillage provides a comprehensive collection of WordPress/ WooCommerce plugins and themes to assist the customer in the formation of website designs. The website is built around a professional theme intended for blogs, news, and magazine websites. This platform offers straightforward customization options for the best WordPress experience. Our creative team is composed of knowledgeable and enthusiastic individuals who developed ThemesVillage with the user context in mind.





Technology Used

Ajax | CSS3 | Html5 | jQuery | Php | WooCommerce | WordPress CMS

User-focussed design-build for a
scalable eCommerce solution

We wanted to ensure that every element in the web design should reflect on the customers. The new eCommerce website embodied the user aspects for a seamless buying experience. Our team integrated a call-to-action button that paved the way for a speedy response from the website visitors. We ensured that the design and contents were consistent for all media platforms. We considered and appreciated desktop and mobile device users by allowing consistent design. As a result, there was a drastic improvement in sales and a positive user experience.

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Effortless buying experience

We could maximize the sales revenue by offering an effortless buying experience. Our team integrated reliable add-ons to enhance functionality. Customers could seamlessly filter the products based on price, popularity, rating, and arrival. They can explore and choose the best option without complicating it. We designed an entirely bespoke user interface to match the look and feel of the store. Our boundless creativity gave us an extra edge to build prospective customers for ThemesVillage.






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