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Delivering wellness from natural tea and lifestyle products.

Technology Used


An Overview

Tealish has been one of the favourite online stores for tea enthusiasts in Toronto, Canada, since 2005. The creators sell over 100 types of premium leaf tea which is completely natural, delicious, and healthy. Tealish required a new and improved website to enhance the brand persona. In addition, Tealish required the creation of new complementary product lines. Sweans worked with Tealish to create a brand identity and an eCommerce website promoting sales.

Tealish (1)
Tealish pc

A Visionary Journey for creating a delightful online shopping

We built a Shopify store for Tealish by incorporating a new brand persona creating a positive user journey that promoted sales and generated revenue. Our team conducted an advanced review of their existing website to create Tealish 2.0! We gained information on the business goals and brand industry. We utilized the Shopify platform to design and develop a full-octane online eCommerce website. Our team ensured the aesthetics of the brand aligned with our designs. This allowed the users to identify brand consistency throughout the shopping experience.

Tealish tea
Tealish tea1
Tealish blume

Inspiring well-crafted designs

The key idea of Tealish was to present tea and lifestyle products in a fresh, fun, and modern way. The creators demanded wellness by delivering natural teas and multiple new product lines. Our mission was to create a brand persona interactively promoting the health benefits. Our designers integrated infographics with stylish and modern fonts. The overall designs adopted a fun and active notion for the visitors. We included the complementary product lines well crafted with the look and feel of the whole website.

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Born ready to serve plant protein foods.
Elevating positive change in people’s health
A Brilliantly crafted eCommerce store for a premium natural supplement brand to launch a new sales channel.