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Burdock Brewery

Balancing brand identity with an intelligent shopping experience

An Overview

Burdock Brewery is a food and beverage-based company in Toronto, Canada. This company makes premium lager, grape ales, and very pale ales. Sweans partnered with Burdock Brewery to support the design and development of the Shopify platform to deliver a feature-rich, bespoke shopping experience for customers to buy online. Our team had to maintain a balance between brand persona and eCommerce functionality. We could accomplish an intelligent and easy shopping experience for Burdock Brewery to take its online identity to the next level.


Beverages & Alcohol


Burdock Brewery

Technology Used

Ajax | CSS3 | Html5 | jQuery | Liquid | Shopify

Customer focussed filtering system

Our primary mission was to ensure convenient product exploration to help visitors discover products pertinent to them. We intelligently integrated a filter option on the home page, which is user-friendly and productive. Our elite Shopify developers allowed customers to filter the products from multiple criteria. The customer-centric filter system was easy to use and enabled the customers to select a wide range of beers such as chill, green ale, hoppy and sour. We discovered that the filtering system could optimize the conversion rates and increase sales.

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Creating unique experiences with best-in-class technology

We designed the entire online store with pixel-perfect designs and Shopify’s built-in content management tools. Our developers leveraged On-Page SEO Optimization to drive traffic into the Shopify store for better conversions. We used cutting-edge tools and state-of-the-art practices to optimize the online store before completing the launch. Our web design processes allowed the customers to seamlessly browse the website with swifter and more reliable page loading times.






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