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“What & Why” is WP-Engine ?


Guys, Do you know what is WP Engine?

Here I am going to introduce you about it. Have a look!

WP Engine is a very special web hosting company that focuses only on WordPress Hosting. Its entire hosting system runs on a WordPress platform. If your site is not running on WP, then this will be a great information for you all.

WP- Engine was founded by Aaron Brazell and Jason Cohen in July 2010. It is an influential facilitating stage for WordPress clients that spotlights on three primary WordPress site issues: Security, Speed, and Scalability.Customers are amazed by their service and expertise.

This company is entirely different from all others hosting companies in the market. In any case, with splendid administration and some vital business position, it has pulled in numerous influencers and enormous names in the WordPress group.There is a simple question that you might ask!

Why do they focus only on WordPress hosting?

Here is the answer for you. Concentrating just on WordPress implies that they can make a heavenly show in the same. Their group includes the specialists in WordPress, and every person at the organization is much supportive and proficient, for any help you need with your hosting in WordPress.WP Engine offers day in and day out specialized help, and utilizes a first class group of WordPress specialists who are committed towards advancing customers’ site-execution in all zones. The administration is known for conveying quick, adaptable, and dependable web encounters for high-development sites.

WP Engine guarantees the entire security of your websites and if by chance it gets hacked company assures to cover the clean up costs which might be any amount, may be thousands of dollars depending upon the site.

Appreciable Features:

WP Engine offers a fully managed platform for hosting on the web. The team at this company is entirely responsive and have years of experience in the same field.

Right now, you ought to expect that your WordPress host is unimaginably quick and adaptable under high activity load, however WP Engine has some mystery sauce in our innovation called EverCache that implies WordPress websites are blisteringly quick and unbelievably versatile. Even in huge traffic your site will never go down.They are the group of people who believe in long term investment with a short term gain.They are always ready to build up a lasting relationship with their customers by helping them achieve what they require.

This implies they have well fabricated administration, through which they can aid the companies w need to construct pioneering tasks with WordPress, and for the designers who need astonishing instruments to assemble online journals, as well as full-scale sites and applications on WordPress.

 Why to hire them?

This is a huge question when it comes to making a decision. We should hire WP Engine because of all these distinctive features which provides them a better identity.

1.Security: Proactively finding a solution for every security issues with confidence makes WP Engine unique.

2.Speed: No matter how much traffic your website gets , WP Engine helps you to make your website fast and easily loadable.

3.Scalability :WordPress hosting is hard to scale. WP engine has built EverCache the scalable architecture which makes your site undoubtedly fast.

4.Cost Efficient Hosting: Providing a cost efficient hosting is the most important aspect on which WP Engine focuses and shows that they value their customer’s money and time.

5.Reliable Hosting Server: WP Engine is a much reliable hosting server as there are number of experts having years of experience working together for their clients with their knowledge.

6.Defensive Policy To Assure Customer Satisfaction: WP Engine assures the customer satisfaction with a specially accepted defensive policy.

Main Drawback:

Main drawback of WP-Engine is that there is no email hosting.If a customer needs an email address ending with his domain name he will need to host it with his own email account(something like [email protected])


However, WP Engine can be your personal preference, if you are:

1.Running a solitary WordPress site with medium to abnormal state activity.

2.Paying your rent with the income from your WordPress site;

3.Always worried of hackers and DDos attacks;

4.Dislike taking care of the monotonous WordPress upkeep work;

When you start searching for a good web host, you come to understand that its a very difficult task. Sorting through different providers need more time.So i hope all the above said details will prove to be much useful for my viewers to know more about the right choice of the hosting company.Please feel free to give your valuable suggestions.

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