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Top 6 tips for branding a WordPress website


WordPress- one of the most influential website builders in the world. No matter what kind of website you are planning to build, WordPress gives you awesome features to optimize that website. Branding is an integral part of any business and is the same with a website also. Creating branded content allows your WordPress website to truly reflect your brand’s personality. Branding WordPress website shows your uniqueness and makes your visitors turn into your customers.

Let’s go through some of the techniques to add brand value to your webspace.

A Compatible Theme

Enhance the look and feel of your website with a theme that suits your website requirements. WordPress has a wide extent of themes explicitly for shops, blogs, portfolios, news, directories, corporate business, etc. There are free and premium themes to meet your expectations. If you are planning to create a beautiful movie website you can go with Hollywood a superb WordPress theme which I came through during my research. If you do not plan to go for investment in themes as of now you might opt themes having an option of upgrading to greater customization and adaptability. Having the right theme in place can help you in incorporating your branding elements. Make sure to get a theme with inbuilt search engine optimization which can drive web traffic.

Custom Logo Creation

The most important branding element of the website is the logo. It is the element your visitors will remember even after leaving your website. The Logo reflects your brand so you have to be careful while creating it as it fosters brand loyalty, grabs attention, makes a strong first impression, separates you from the competition, and is expected by your audience. An elegant logo communicates everything from the company’s background to its mission with the right icon or proper font. Hiring a professional is the most appropriate way to create an amazing logo.

Work Within Your Company Color Palette

Colors affect perceptions and behaviors. It is the very first perception customers will have with your brand. Select the perfect color that fits your strategic positioning. Different consumers are affected by the color in different ways and cultural trends are always in transition. You should research more on what color best anchors the meaning of your value to your audience and distinguishes your brand from the competition in the category? Colors have universal perceived meaning. Let’s have a quick run.

BLUE –positive
RED –Powerful
GREEN– Health and Nature
YELLOW– Vibrancy and Optimism
Purple – Sophistication and Nostalgia
PINK – Energy and Excitement
ORANGE – Cheerful and Fun feels
BROWN-   Simplicity and Stability
Black – Serious and Classic campaign
White – Purity and Cleanliness

Build Important Pages to Increase Brand Credibility

Your story and your content play a major role in increasing your brand credibility. Credibility is important in building a successful business. Your website should be able to inform users directly about the product, the services you provide ,or about what your business is. Your About Us page is another important addition that can add value to your brand. For example, the story of Sweans is showcased in a creative way. Displaying awards from reputable third-party sources will boost confidence. Client reviews on your website immediately tell your visitors that your brand is transparent and ready to own its image.

Don’t forget CTA’s (Call-To-Action)

Give your visitors several ways to get in touch with you. CTAs and sales funnels go hand in hand. Your CTA’s will motivate your audience to take steps towards becoming your customer. Instruct your user to take immediate action with your CTA. Don’t make your audience guess or wonder how to proceed rather give them a solution in an eye-catching, colored button and take them to the next phase. Grab their attention and let them seal the deal.

Content – the king

Visuals draw the initial attention of your website visitors but it’s the quality of your well-written content that keeps them hanging on. Quality & consistency are the keys to any content strategy. Your website content should reflect your brand’s identity. Carefully consider the persona of your audience and convince them to take action. Reach your audience across a broad range of platforms with videos and infographics to reinforce the points you have already made in your articles. Your website should have helpful content talking about the solutions provided by your company to your customers.


A famous quote by author Alina Wheeler goes like this: “Brand is the promise, the big ideas, and the expectations that reside in each customer’s mind about a product, service or company. Branding is about making an emotional connection.” Branding helps in building connections with customers. Your brand will be what they remember. We hope above mentioned branding methods achieve the best results for your brand.



Deepthi Raghunath
Deepthi Raghunath

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