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Top 4 solutions for successful digital marketing

In an era of content shock (an emerging marketing epoch which is used when exponentially increasing volumes of content intersect with our limited human capacity to consume it) where there is such an avalanche of content aren’t you keen to get more bang for your advertising bucks. Delivering your message to the maximum audience at a minimum cost is the greatest advertising strategy a brand needs to follow.

If you are interested in improving your return on investment for digital marketing strategies, start learning from some of the largest brands in your industry as their smart choice is always Digital Advertising. Unlike other ways to market your business using digital, advertising requires a budget, so it’s important to ensure that you are implementing cost-effective digital advertising.

A major benefit of digital advertising is Pay per Click payment mode, which means the advertiser does not pay any extra amount to the partner website other than the number of clicks on the advertisement.

Digital Advertising solutions help advertisers to accurately analyze the return on cost and the overall impact of an advertising campaign. There are forecasts showcasing the exponential growth of digital advertising in the coming years. The cost of digital advertising is cheaper as compared to the traditional form of advertising and this leads to great savings for the businesses.

{Digital media channels will continue to be the catalyst for the disruption in ad spend … growing globally by 12.6% in 2018, versus 15% in 2017, to reach $220 billion, while mobile will reach $121 billion as a desktop will continue to lose global share.

Digital will overtake TV and will account for 38.3% share of total ad spend, as compared to TV’s 35.5%. Paid search will account for the 40% of digital ad spend, with voice-activated devices helping to power its growth.}: Projection from advertising giant Dentsu

Digital is on rise and let’s move on with some of the strategies that bring results and save Money.

Hunting the Majority with Dayparting

Dividing the scheduled week or a single day into multiple time slots and selecting those time slots when your potential customers are expected to view and click on your ad is termed as Dayparting. There are different analytical tools available which can help the advertisers to study and predict the media consumption behavior of your target audience and to broadcast the ad at the perfect time. Dayparting gives you maximum return from your Digital Ad Campaign and empowers the advertiser with efficient bidding strategies.

Identifying your target audience

If you want to ensure best returns on your investment you should be targeting the right audience. Targeting audience based on first party, second party and third-party audience data based on their relevance will only receive impressions from the potential customers only. Audience segmentation grounded on data helps advertisers to empower their advertising with some of the informed bidding decisions ensuring the success of ad campaign and to save money for the businesses. If your target audience consists of a specific age range, gender, location or parental status, then you can show your ads to potential customers according to any of these characteristics.

Campaigns freshness with Frequency Capping

How many times your audience need to see the ad has to be decided by an advertiser. There comes the role of frequency capping an advertising concept restricting the number of times a specific visitor of a website is shown an advertisement during the total duration of the campaign. Advertisers strategically fixing the frequency capping get better attention from the audience and hence there arises a positive influence on the decision of the prospective buyer. However low-frequency cap is considered beneficial for fresh campaigns while in case of repeated or revised campaigns, frequency capping should be increased moderately.

Choose the right destination with Geotargeting

Running your campaign in selected and most effective geographical locations give you more qualified leads with maximum utilization of the ad spends.  This kind of targeting is termed as Geotargeting. It’s an ideal way to control your advertising investments in digital landscapes as it aids the advertisers in developing a customized campaign for niche segments. This tool is again useful for the advertisers interested in collecting the information of their potential customers, their buying habits and their behavior of consumption. Exploring more of the market trends, the position of your competitors and studying the approaches followed to promote their products.


Before I conclude this post, let me emphasize that I am describing a megatrend. Investing in Google AdWords is one of the most popular ways to advertise online. Pay Per Click is the major advantage an advertiser gets by using the digital advertising solutions as he does not pay any extra amount to the partner website other than the number of clicks on his advertisement. Display of an ad on both the desktop and mobile screens is the most effective way to ensure maximum outreach of a brand. The mass appeal of social media and the availability of advanced analytical tools on social networks are making Digital Advertising extremely result-oriented and cost-effective.

Deepthi Raghunath
Deepthi Raghunath

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    Excellent blog and very informative.

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    Excellent blog and very informative.
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    digital marketing is the new high.good way to explain it

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    Thanks for sharing the informative blog. It is very important to choose the right person or company for fulfilling the digital marketing needs of the business as the entire business growth depends on their strategies.

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