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Technical skill alone is not sufficient for a project success. Client communication has a great role in it. If we analyze the reasons for project failure, we can see that 90% of the failure is due to communication issues with the client.

In the series of articles, we will discuss about a few major elements for better communication apart from the common rules, which we follow in professional communication with the client.

The first tip we are going to discuss is about ‘Learn Client’s Language’

You might be wondering how it is practical to learn a client’s native language just for a project!! Hey I am not talking about learning their native language, but talking about learning the language, which they can easily understand. Still confused… Let me explain…

If you use technical jargon’s in your communication with the client, the communication may not be effective as it depends on the client’s technical knowledge level on the area, which you are talking about.

Points To Be Followed For Effective Communication:

1.Assess Clients Technical Knowledge level.

2.Communicate using common terms, which the client can easily understand based on his technical knowledge.

3.If a technical term is included in communication, provide necessary explanation on the term in their language.

4.Include pictures/videos/reference websites in the explanation as it conveys a lot than an essay.

For example, JQuery Accordion effect for website menus are familiar for a WordPress/web developer, but it may not be familiar for a client. So instead of using the term alone in the communication, try to include a small explanation and share a reference website, where a similar kind of effect is used for the menu. In this way the client can easily understand what we are exactly talking about.

We will discuss about the next tip for effective communication in my next article …


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