The big guns pulled out by Microsoft’s Windows 10 ads.

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Technology has changed every human life in this world and Microsoft has highlighted the same aspect with an amazing ad. This ad emphasizes on the impact of changing technology on the life of kids from all around the world. There is a narrator who is narrating the future life of those cute kids. It seems fabulous when he says Imagine: These kids won’t have to remember passwords as for them every screen is meant to be touched and every web page is for scribbling and sharing. They will expect their devices to listen to them. Because these kids will grow up with ” Windows 10″.


This new approach of Microsoft is much more like an ever improving service than that of a time software product. To the end of the video the two vital features of Windows 10 has been highlighted. Those two features are Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana with its new browser, Microsoft Edge.

The launch of Windows 10 will be accompanied with the spot in first TV commercial which will become available on July 29. With the two vital aspects of Windows 10 it also brings a new Outlook mail client, a better search experience, a new Windows Store and upgraded app support for different varieties of devices from smartphones and tablets to desktop PCs.

There are much specific ads launched by Microsoft (still kid-adorned) ads, focusing on Windows 10 security features, Cortana and Edge. The ads will be featured on TV networks globally starting Monday.

This ad will definitely take you to your childhood and your dreams which you had at that time. How many of you feel this ad is worth it? Just comment and let me know. Guys …am waiting for your awesome replies…

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