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Sweans Competitive Content Strategy: Creating Coherent Content that Sells.

Sweans Competitive Content Strategy: Creating Coherent Content that Sells

Table of Contents

Ajay C Thomas


In the ever so expanding digital world, it’s quite difficult for a writer to create something that is both qualitative and compelling, one that best relates to the audience and that speaks volume of your company identity.

You desperately want to write relevant content in your website but what’s the use if it turns out to be an archaic piece of writing, in a matter of a couple of days, weeks or months?

Nobody can master the art of writing, but shaping and embellishing it to magnify its dynamicity is surely in your hands. It turns out to be more technique than lucky inspiration.

We believe your content is the spokesperson and a source of everything that a prospective customer might want to find out. Hence, it is important to have not just a content strategy, but a competitive and coherent narrative that becomes the backbone, and routes for a change in how your potential customers perceive your company.

#1 People are addicted to stories

Storytelling through website is one such powerful way to ornamentally arrange your content and make your website stand out from the maze of chaotic writing. Stories evoke interest and makes that emotional connection. It not only communicates your idea but also provokes feelings of ecstasy, sorrow, inspiration and thereby captivates your audience, peak’s their interest. Wrap your brand’s vision in a story that fires the imagination and stirs the soul!

One outstanding way of portraying your content can be captivated from Barbara Minto’s pyramid principle in her book called The Minto Pyramid Principle or otherwise the SCQA technique. Just like the name suggests, explaining complex ideas to complete novices becomes easier through this principle that says, your thinking will be easy for a reader to grasp if you present the ideas organized as a pyramid under a single point.

The SCQA technique provides you with a flow, that you could use to write your storyline. It helps you write introductions that engages the audience attention before they are told the answers.

  • Situation – elucidates on the current situation
  • Complexity – defines the gravity of the situation
  • Question – describes the question in response to the issue
  • Answer – suggest answer to resolve the issue

This way, you can make any content feel like a narrative, which undoubtedly is the most powerful tool for content marketing and digital marketing.

#2 Character is a must-have!

It’s very important to add personality to your website content along with its chronicle structure. Just a heads up, your tone can be bouncy and amusing, but it shouldn’t overload and poke someone in the eye. Big-headed or pompous content is sure to let down your readers as it diminishes the gravity of your messaging. Always remember that the content should be provocative enough to be memorable.

Your audience need to inevitably identify the content as coming from your brand without having to see the logo or brand line. Give your writing the required flavor that decided what personality the brand holds. It could span from light and friendly to solid corporate to resilient and outward. Write down your ‘champion values’ to escalate a robust personality that screams out the ‘difference’!

#3 Fill in small packets!Top of Form

A captivating heading is a strong bait that writers often use in websites. However, it is quite necessary to make sure your title accurately describes the content that will follow. Chances are that the content can go unnoticed indefinitely, so it is important to take your audience on a tour, step by step. Fill in information not in bulks, but in small packets that lets you opulently arrange the flow. Instead of fussing so much about separating your intros, defining the several verticals, or forming a conclusion, you should focus more on knitting your ideas and ensuring you never fall off the map by maintaining a trustworthy, consistent content cycle.

#4 ‘Get found” in search engines

Creating a great story with great optimization is one key challenge for writers. Be the good little writer you are, and explore the world of SEO to ensure your writing does not fade into the background. Get found in the world of search engines by people who are looking for your brand. The right keywords when incorporated well into your writing creates content that ranks well with Google and persuades to pilot you through. Craft compelling headlines with the right keyword density that your audience is most likely to search for. However, clear SEO overload, as keywords, when used in the narrative, forms the dais of your website story, whereas your ideas lend a perspective to it.

#5 Be Original!

Plagiarists, beware! There is a desire for originality in creative pursuits. However, many among us have the tendency to repeat the content used in the web circle without even thinking about the consequences. Illegal copying and use of content are ‘copyright violations’ which many are unaware of.

Copyscape Plagiarism Checker

www.copyscape.com is a software that lets you detect duplicate content and checks if your articles are original, leaving no room for plagiarism.

With that said, always know that creating pure, unique content is an art and to be original is to leave your signature. However, you don’t have to sit staring at your PC for hours hoping for great content to cross your mind. Being a part of a wonderful mastermind group could be helpful to a great extent in creating unique content, as they help churn your mind with some edgy ideas.

Many novice writers hardly know about the importance of original content and so here is why. Google loves high quality content, which does not come by size or hefty words. It all comes down to the uniqueness – the originality i.e. Google target those contents replicated or published anywhere else in the web. To avoid such a risk, start crafting your content in a different angle, working out different opinions of the same topic.

It’s good when you have a great story to tell. But what if you don’t?

#6 Know what’s trending

Internet is an expansive world of information. Take time to do a little bit of research, and choose trending topics that will resonate with your audience and get shared on social media. Best your content strategy with the most influential and ‘hot’ topic, and write it down with all the quality and personalization of your company.  Further, include content that is continually relevant and stays “fresh” for readers.

Your customers are bombarded with zillions of messages every day, and so communicating why you do, what you do and why people should care is the foundation to narrating your content, be it through website, blog post, articles or graphic messages. Always know that a great line can hook you just as fast as a killer visual. And hence, we believe its paramount to use infinite techniques in your overall marketing strategy if you want to see explosive growth in conversions and creating content that sells.


Ajay C Thomas