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Website Accessibility Audit.

Manual WCAG Audit for Website

Our Website Accessibility Audit Approach.


Manual Accessibility
Testing Audits.

Our auditors delve deep into your digital assets, scrutinizing code and evaluating usability for every potential user type.

As a manual website accessibility audit company in the UK, We thoroughly examine UI/UX, the user experience journey, and the technical environment to ensure you align with the stringent WCAG benchmarks.


Why Manual Audit?

Beyond standard best practices, consistent external accessibility checks are essential. Sweans’s audits are more than just scans; we verify user paths and assistive tech compatibility.

Ensure top-tier compliance: Let our experts conduct a thorough manual review of your digital assets.


Our manual website accessibility audit UK involves a detailed assessment performed by skilled engineers to evaluate WCAG accessibility with cutting-edge standards and guidelines.

Comprehensive Evaluation

In-depth review of your website against the latest WCAG guidelines, ensuring all elements are assessed.


Expert Auditors

Our wcag compliance audit team consists of trained and experienced accessibility professionals committed to delivering the best results.


Assistive Technology Testing

We test using various assistive devices to ensure seamless user experience for all.


Detailed Reporting

Receive clear, actionable reports highlighting issues and providing solutions.


Ongoing Support

Post-audit, we’re here to guide you through the remediation process and answer any queries.


User Journey Analysis

We map and evaluate the complete user path, ensuring smooth navigation for everyone.


Dynamic Content Review

Our wcag accessibility audit extends to dynamic elements, ensuring interactive content is also accessible.


VPAT Included

We offer Voluntary Product Accessibility Template documentation for comprehensive audits.


Responsive Design Testing

Ensuring accessibility across devices, be it mobile, tablet, or desktop.


Training & Workshops

Equip your team with the knowledge and skills to maintain site accessibility.

How it Works?

Your Website Accessibility Audit Journey


Request & Quotation.

Submit a request for the audit. We’ll review your requirements and provide a quotation tailored to the size and complexity of your site.


Kick-off Meeting.

Once confirmed, we schedule a meeting to understand your goals, pinpoint specific areas of concern, and align on the audit’s objectives.


Site Crawl & Analysis.

Our experts will conduct an initial site crawl to identify main pages and elements to be audited.


Manual Evaluation.

Pages are manually reviewed to uncover accessibility issues. This includes analyzing user journeys, dynamic elements, forms, and key templates.


Assistive Technology 

The site is tested using various assistive technologies to ensure it is accessible to all users, be it with persons with visual, auditory or cognitive disabilities.


Report Compilation.

Post-review, we compile a detailed web accessibility audit report. This includes identified issues, recommended fixes, and best practice suggestions.


Review & 

We’ll walk you through the web accessibility audit report, ensuring you understand the findings and our recommendations. This is an opportunity to ask questions and seek clarifications.


Implementation &

Begin the process of making the recommended changes. Our ada site audit team is available for guidance, ensuring the fixes align with accessibility standards.



Once changes are made, you can opt for a re-assessment to ensure all issues have been adequately addressed and your site is fully compliant.

Final Delivery &

We finalize the wcag accessibility audit report by providing all necessary documentation, including a VPAT if applicable, ensuring you have a record of the audit and its results.


Basic Website Audit


Standard Website Audit​


Comprehensive Website Audit​


Asked Questions.

Who needs an accessibility audit?

Everyone can benefit from an accessibility audit. While not all can afford a full website accessibility audit cost, we offer smaller-scale audits, AI-driven tools, and hybrid human-technology scans. If you’re aiming for top-tier standards, especially for government or educational contracts, or want to be inclusive for all users, a manual audit is best. It also helps in avoiding potential lawsuits.

Accessibility experts carry out the manual audit. The ideal auditor understands accessibility deeply, can pinpoint issues in your site or app, and provides clear solutions. Our wcag compliance auditors embody all these qualities, ensuring top-notch service.

A WCAG-based accessibility audit is a hands-on review by a person to identify accessibility challenges on your site or app. It gives actionable insights on issues and solutions. The WCAG, stemming from the W3C and influenced by the ADA and other global guidelines, offers recommendations to ensure digital inclusivity for all users. In short:

  • WCAG: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines by the W3C’s Web Accessibility Initiative.
  • ADA: Americans with Disabilities Act, which mandates accessibility in various spheres, including digital.

While laws like the ADA don’t explicitly require audits, they emphasize website accessibility. An audit is a recognized method to ensure this. If sued for accessibility issues, the resolution often necessitates an accessibility plan, which could involve an ADA website audit.

A complete wcag audit for website requires an expert. However, tools like UserWay can offer automated scans or semi-automated fixes. These tools, while useful, may not be as thorough as a full manual audit.

Typically, it takes 14 to 30 business days. The exact duration of the web accessibility audit report depends on the audit’s extent and the complexity of the content. We can provide a more precise estimate upon reviewing your requirements.