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Web Design.

We excel in developing cutting-edge, highly successful websites that symbolise your brand, boost conversion rates and maximise ROI.

Our Web Design Process.


Conducting User

User research aims to grasp users’ expectations and goals to design a website that is intuitive, easy to navigate and engaging.



Wireframes provide an initial blueprint of the website structure. They enable designers to gather valuable client feedback before advancing to subsequent stages.



High-fidelity prototyping involves crafting a realistic and interactive representation of the website. This stage comes after wireframing and aids in testing and refining the design and functionality before actual development.


User Flows.

User flows outline the user path taken from the start to the final desired action, encompassing actions from a button click to completing a purchase. They illustrate potential paths users might follow.


Crafting Visual

Visual design concentrates on the aesthetics and presentation of the design. During this stage, the product begins to take shape visually.


Handing Over to

The design team passes their mockups, prototypes, and documentation to the development team to initiate the engineering process.


Quality Assurance &

The final stage of the web design process involves quality assurance (QA) and validation to review the new release. It ensures the launch aligns with the business goals, user experience and accessibility requirements.

Our Unique Approach to Web Design.

As an award-winning web design agency in London, we have a phased approach to our web design projects, ensuring efficient consideration of all aspects required to create a high-performance website.

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Well-Crafted Design &

Our industry-leading websites are designed and developed from scratch by our London-based web design team.

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By customising all our websites, we meet all design and functionality requirements without compromising quality.

Interactive design


We create websites that engage users through animation, responsiveness and interaction.

Mobile first approach

Mobile-first approach

We focus on mobile-first design to guarantee a fantastic appearance and smooth operation on every device.

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We consider SEO when planning, designing, and developing our websites to ensure optimised competitive ranking and performance upon launch.

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Optimised User Experience

During our discovery and wireframing phases, we focus on your website’s user journey, demographics, and UI to create a well-thought-out user flow.

Asked Questions.

What can you expect from hiring a web design company in London?
Hiring a web design company in London can yield significant results for your business. A professional London web design company will provide custom solutions to your needs, serving your target audience and enhancing your online brand presence. Benefits of engaging a professional web design company include:

  • Increased targeted traffic

  • Improved onsite engagement and conversions

  • Enhanced customer retention

  • Overall brand performance.

When seeking custom web design services in the United Kingdom, the pricing can vary based on factors such as:

  • Site complexity

  • The number of pages

  • Desired features

  • Functionalities.

Your total cost will reflect your specific business goals and requirements.

Certainly! Your website will indeed be mobile-friendly. We ensure that your customers receive the best possible experience regardless of how they access your site, without needing to zoom or strain their eyes. Our responsive design will adapt your content seamlessly to various screen sizes across devices.

A mobile-friendly website will allow you to connect with your target audience wherever they are, like browsing on their tablet during a train ride, on their smartphone during lunch or anywhere else.

Responsive web design enhances user experience by adjusting content to fit perfectly on any device and contributes to improving your search engine ranking.

Furthermore, we can develop effective mobile and web apps for your brand.

Sweans is a full-service web design company that exclusively employs industry experts. With over 16 years of experience, we have a proven track record in crafting custom websites that deliver tangible results.

At Sweans, we adopt a strategic approach to every project, leveraging valuable insights and the latest trends to design websites that authentically represent each brand.

Our experts lead every project with extensive experience to provide top-tier consulting services.

When you partner with Sweans, you can expect transparency and regular reporting with detailed time tracking and execution.

Engaging on-page content keeps users on your site longer and inspires them to convert and share your site with others.

Each landing page on your website acts as a new entry point for prospective customers. By loading your website with pages tailored to your user’s search intent and filled with valuable information, you establish trust and credibility and improve your search ranking.

Our expert team in London crafts relevant, SEO-friendly branded content for your website, social platforms and marketing campaigns.