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“Nothing we do is more important than hiring and developing people. At the end of the day, you bet on people, not on strategies.”


User Research.

Delivering top-notch user research services is integral to our insight-driven design approach, ensuring digital solutions that truly serve, satisfy and delight users.

Our User Research Process.



We dive deeply into your current position and user base, aligning objectives with a customised research strategy.


User Profiles  Personas  User Journey Maps Stakeholder Interviews



Using scientifically grounded methods, we uncover your user’s journey, mapping their core drivers and intent through a mixed-method approach that provides both breadth and depth to your data.


Research Plan Surveys  Usability Testing



We break raw data into meaningful insights, ensuring the highest quality by synthesising information while upholding strict data protection standards.


Data Synthesis | Heatmaps or User Flow Diagrams



We refine research findings into evidence-based insights, empowering better decision-making and clarifying product direction, guiding you confidently towards development.


Feature Prioritisation Matrix


Design Output.

We translate research outcomes into tangible design deliverables, facilitating the creation of optimal user experiences through design workshops, wireframing, rapid prototyping, and other design-centric services.


Wireframes Interactive Prototypes  |   Visual Design Concepts

The cornerstones of our user research service.

Our user research approach is based on three key principles:

Minimal bias

Avoid bias in user research participants and questions.

Design for accessibility

We believe in designing for accessibility from the start.

Ethical research

Conduct research ethically to gain richer insights.

Asked Questions.

What is user research?

User research involves gathering qualitative and quantitative data about your audience’s needs, motivations, expectations, and constraints to inform the development of digital solutions that effectively serve, satisfy, and delight them. It’s a vital part of an insight-led design process offering objective evidence for informed design decisions from the outset and throughout the project lifecycle to support iterative development and continuous improvement.

User research techniques are essential for understanding your users deeply, guiding your project’s direction based on their needs, and ensuring it remains focused on enhancing satisfaction and conversions. Further, user research helps to evolve with demands, behaviours, and opportunities. Uncovering subtle nudges and delighters also helps differentiate your digital offering, fostering greater engagement and customer loyalty for long-term ROI.

User research employs various techniques to gather necessary insights. At Sweans, each research project begins by defining the required information and determining the best methods to capture it. Qualitative methods such as interviews and group workshops reveal user thoughts and behaviours, including subtle motivational triggers. Complementing these, analytics reviews and surveys provide quantitative data, confirming assumptions and illustrating behavioural patterns and trends. This holistic approach ensures your digital strategy addresses challenges and capitalises on opportunities.