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Speed Testing and

As a specialised page speed optimisation company in London, we will resolve your core web vital issues to help you leverage that significant advantage.

Our Site Speed Optimisation Services.


Google Page Speed

Before we start any work, our Site Speed Optimisation Experts will analyse your site and guarantee a forecasted score for both Mobile and Desktop!


Optimise performance 
while preserving

We will make all necessary changes to your site to improve your Google PageSpeed Score without altering your design, UX, or UI!



We specialise in optimising WordPress Speed. Having optimised over 400 websites, with over 60% being WordPress, we consistently achieve an average of 92 in Google PageSpeed Optimisation Score.


Shopify speed

In general, Shopify loads faster than WordPress, but there is room for significant improvement in loading times. Our expert Shopify Page Speed Gurus will ensure your online store is lightning-fast with no obstacles in the purchasing process.


Website performance optimisation.

Our website performance optimisation services cover WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, and even custom websites, using innovative techniques to boost your Google PageSpeed Optimisation score.

Why Choose Us?

Enhance your products and services based on genuine customer needs—and deliver them in a manner that fosters customer loyalty.

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Website acceleration

We employ pioneering techniques to accelerate websites without altering your design. Your User Interface will remain identical.

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Google Page Speed

We guarantee improved Google PageSpeed and GT Metrix Scores.

Unbaised findings

Google Page Experience

Stay ahead of Google Page Experience updates, occurring every few months.


Improved Google

Achieve higher Google Rankings with lightning-fast website performance!

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Enhanced user

A faster website means enhanced user experience, leading to more pages visited, more enquiries and increased sales!

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Fast WordPress

For Sweans, the myth of WordPress sites being slow and bulky does not hold. We ensure your WordPress website is faster than custom

Asked Questions.

Do you change the designs or visuals on my website?

We can guarantee to achieve your desired results without modifying any designs.

Of course! Our website speed optimisation service is safe and secure. Before working on your site, we take a backup and perform all modifications on a staging site. It ensures the completion of the optimisation and is ready to go live without affecting your live website. Therefore, rest assured that we will enhance your website performance without risking its current functionality or appearance.

We will provide you with a comprehensive Google PageSpeed report for your review before finalising the work. Further, we will be available to assist you or address any additional needs.

If we face difficulties while optimising your website speed, it is typically due to limitations within the platform. We specialise in fine-tuning websites for optimal performance, working proficiently with frameworks like WordPress, Shopify, Custom PHP, and HTML. Access to your website servers is essential for implementing these professional services.

If your current platform hinders speed and scalability, it might not be ideal for long-term growth and SEO effectiveness. If this is the case, and you’re looking to develop your business, we can craft a new website tailored to your needs, guaranteeing superior speed metrics to kick-start your online presence. This approach ensures your website supports your aspirations and business goals.

If you’re considering upgrading or changing your website, you might wonder how it could impact your existing optimisations. Generally, as long as you’re not adding new plugins or making significant design changes with new elements, your optimisations should remain intact. We ensure that all optimisations are flexible enough to accommodate updates and changes to your site and plugins without significant issues. Occasionally, a major update might necessitate a tweak afterwards, but this is rare. However, changes made by third-party software developers to their plugins could affect your optimisations. In such cases, any necessary tweaks would likely be minor to resolve any issues.