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Ongoing Maintenance.

Sweans provides the best ongoing maintenance service in London to keep your website up-to-date and fresh so that you can focus on growth.

Our Ongoing Maintenance Process.


Performance Check.

We ensure the website performs optimally and maintains optimal speed by following a comprehensive checklist. Our centralised processes schedule regular performance monitoring activities, guaranteeing proper caching implementation.


Fixes and Enhancements.

Our focus on maintaining a bug-free website involves regular health checkups, bug fixes, and continuous enhancements. Our dedicated team manages issues by updating plugins and themes and identifying and repairing broken links.


Content and Backup.

Keeping the website’s content fresh and relevant is paramount. We also prioritise complete website backups, ensuring readiness for the client’s needs. This seamless process facilitates the website transformation from a poor user experience to an exceptional one.


Functionality Check.

We inspect for broken links and ensure the website’s functionality is flawless. Maintaining a good SEO health score is imperative for overall website health, and we continuously work towards this goal, providing ongoing support.


Tech Support.

Our team of technical experts delivers comprehensive support for website design and maintenance, maintaining constant communication with the client. With a dedicated support team, we address persistent issues, manage logs, and maintain security measures.


Improved Conversion Rates.

Through our maintenance support, we implement practices that promote higher conversion rates, ensuring seamless and efficient operation of the website.

Why Choose Us?

Our skilled developers and designers will make the necessary adjustments and provide timely delivery, ensuring seamless ongoing maintenance service in London.

content update

Content Update

As our designers craft the design, our writers will revise your content to ensure your audience understands the services and their benefits.

design update

Design Update

In today’s digital era, outdated design spells trouble. Fortunately, our designers can rectify such issues.

daily update

Daily Update

Whether your website needs minor tweaks or significant updates, our skilled designers and developers stand ready to assist.

Asked Questions.

Do you provide SEO?

Sweans doesn’t just offer SEO as an added service—it’s woven into the very fabric of our approach. With decades of proven success, we’ve made SEO an integral part of our website maintenance service.

We do not stop at monitoring and maintaining SEO. We infuse it into every aspect of your website’s growth and development. Our SEO approach is evident in our passion and the remarkable results we deliver.

Our ongoing maintenance services in London encompass dedicated time allocated to enhancing and updating various technical aspects of your website. It ranges from implementing new features to rectifying any errors.

These errors could span from the codebase, content, or multimedia elements like graphics, videos, and images.

Generally, we use our support time to troubleshoot issues like Google PageSpeed. For instance, addressing issues like oversized images or an excessive number of plugins contributes to slower page loading times and a negative user experience.

We conduct regular assessments of your Content Management System (CMS) and, as necessary, apply the following updates to ensure the platform remains current:

  • Security patches
  • Theme updates
  • CMS updates
  • Plugin updates

Fixing websites is our speciality, similar to how a mechanic enjoys repairing cars.

Our clients use popular website builders like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Umbraco, Weebly, Squarespace, Drupal, or Webflow. We possess the expertise to rectify issues across all these platforms.

The most popular WordPress site builders are Gutenberg (the entire WordPress site editor), Elementor, Brix, Divi, Avada, Visual Composer, WP Bakery Page Builder, and Beaver Builder. We’ve used these platforms to create and maintain websites, so we’re ready to help no matter what you choose.

Maintaining a website can vary in duration, ranging from minutes to days, months, or even requiring full-time support. The key is establishing effective systems and consistently maintaining your website.

Yes, we do! Approximately 40% of websites worldwide are WordPress-powered, and nearly 80% of our clients leverage this exceptional Content Management System (CMS). With a longstanding commitment to WordPress, we’ve embraced its capabilities for almost as long as its existence.

Our maintenance packages for WordPress entail a range of essential tasks. It includes updating plugins, addressing security alerts, monitoring site performance and uptime, responding to Google alerts, and implementing offsite backups, among other duties.

Rest assured, we ensure your website remains up-to-date with the latest versions at all times. Before applying updates to the WordPress core, especially for major version upgrades, we rigorously test them on an offline staging copy of your website.

With our dedicated WordPress maintenance services, your website stays secure, optimised, and fully functional, allowing you to focus on your business without worrying about technical difficulties.