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Klaviyo Email Automation.

As a distinguished Klaviyo Email Automation Agency and esteemed partner, we offer unmatched expertise and insight to skyrocket your growth.

Our eCommerce Customer
Engagement Strategies.


Welcome Series.

Attract and capture email subscribers through forms and popups to convert them into first-time customers with a customised email sequence.


Abandoned Cart.

Motivate current customers or prospective buyers to complete their purchases and place their orders with persuasive incentives.



We send reminders to your store visitors about the products they viewed, helping them make quick purchasing decisions.


Back In Stock.

Accelerate sales of restocked products by implementing a targeted back-in-stock strategy in your store.


Product Reviews &

Encourage customers to leave reviews and showcase additional product options after their purchase.



Transform one-time purchasers into active repeat subscribers by promoting your product subscriptions effectively.



Craft bespoke solutions tailored to your store and brand, recognising the uniqueness of each business.

Why Choose Klaviyo Email Automation?

In the fast-paced world of eCommerce, email marketing is your secret recipe for achieving rapid growth.

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Explosive ROI

Get ready to be amazed! Businesses experience an average return of $42 for every $1 invested in email marketing.

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Customer Magnet

Email marketing reigns supreme in acquiring new customers, surpassing social media platforms by an impeccable 40 times.

Customer satisfaction

Personalisation Amplified

Our partnership with Klaviyo enables us to deliver exceptional results. Prepare to engage your audience like never before.

Asked Questions.

How do you deliver Klaviyo email marketing?

We deliver Klaviyo email marketing by leveraging Klaviyo’s tools alongside our team’s expertise to enhance our client’s revenue through effective email strategies. Our team of digital, data, marketing, and brand experts supports and fosters the growth of your brand throughout the entire process.

We initiate with an email audit, followed by evaluating various email strategies and customer lifecycle plans tailored to your brand’s needs. Subsequently, we conduct rigorous testing and optimisation of the emails we craft, using analytics and A/B testing to ensure each email performs optimally and delivers maximum impact.

It’s a question often pondered in the marketing world, especially considering MailChimp’s longer tenure in the industry, having been founded 11 years before Klaviyo emerged.


Klaviyo’s pricing structure is straightforward and scales with your business. The main difference lies in its simplicity—all features are accessible at each tier, with pricing determined solely by the number of subscribers. On the other hand, Mailchimp offers four distinct pricing packages, with the option to add specific features each month (although some users find this process less intuitive). While Mailchimp may seem easier to start with, particularly with its free plan, as your email marketing efforts grow and succeed, you may find yourself requiring an upgrade sooner rather than later.


Mailchimp boasts detailed designs ideal for marketing novices, though template choices are somewhat limited but fully customisable. Klaviyo, however, offers greater flexibility. Although this might pose a steeper learning curve for some email designers, the ability to create unique, brand-cohesive templates far outweighs this challenge in many opinions.


Klaviyo places significant emphasis on segmentation from the outset. When you sign up, the platform will prompt you to segment your lists. This platform allows segmentation based on customer behaviour, transactions, or other data derived from CRM (Customer Relationship Management software). It is where Klaviyo shines over MailChimp, enabling you to segment lists based on intricate specifics like product views or purchasing behaviours (e.g., full-price buyers). MailChimp, unfortunately, offers more limited segmentation options, such as ‘new subscribers’ or ‘recent purchasers’.


Both platforms offer email segmentation and automation, but Klaviyo’s automation capabilities are notably more advanced. With access to all features regardless of your subscription tier, you can immediately benefit from sophisticated automation processes. For beginners, Klaviyo provides extensive flow templates ready for use or inspiration. Further, Klaviyo’s data analytics display each customer’s unique journey after opening your email, helping you refine your segments. While MailChimp’s automation is reliable, it is unsophisticated. You can use pre-existing templates or create new ones, making MailChimp an excellent choice for those seeking standard automation tools.

At Sweans, we recommend Klaviyo as the ideal email marketing platform for eCommerce businesses. Klaviyo’s tailored features specifically address the needs of online retailers, offering an intuitive interface, robust segmentation capabilities, automated workflows, and detailed analytics. eCommerce businesses can use Klaviyo to create highly targeted and impactful email marketing campaigns that boost sales and enhance customer engagement. Moreover, Klaviyo seamlessly integrates with top eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce, improving convenience and efficiency. Klaviyo is the preferred choice for eCommerce businesses seeking effective email marketing solutions.

Our team will guide you through the migration process to Klaviyo, ensuring a smooth transition without impacting your email database. Additionally, we will oversee the proper warming up of the new email infrastructure to guarantee a secure and seamless transfer.

Yes. Klaviyo integrates with countless eCommerce platforms, including Shopify, Magento and WooCommerce. It enables automated and personalised marketing communications based on customer interactions with your online store.