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Google Shopping &
Merchant Centre.

Sweans is a Google Partner in London with certified Google Shopping experts ready to help you list your store on Google Shopping and run ads.

Listing on Google Shopping.

Google requires adherence to specific policies and best practices to list products on Google Shopping. We offer the following services to assist you:


Google Shopping 
Policy Compliance.

Ensure your website complies with Google Shopping policies and follows the Google Merchant Center guidelines, including policy guidelines, website requirements, product data and feed specifications.


Google Merchant 
Account Setup.

Install Google Apps, Configure Google Analytics and Search Console and Configure Google merchant account.


Product Feed 

Generate a product database feed within your Shopify Store or opt for a manual feed, which can be faster for smaller product selections. We will also install a Review App, which Google requires.


Google Shopping 
Campaign Setup.

Configure your Google Shopping campaign within the Google Ads interface.


Campaign Strategy.

Organise campaign priorities based on your most profitable products.


Google Shopping 
Ads Optimisation.

We will consistently optimise your Google Shopping Ads to achieve the highest return on investment.

Fix Google Merchant Center Account Suspension

If Google Merchant Center suspends your website, we can audit it, ensure compliance with Google policies and best practices, and assist in recovering from the suspension. We offer assistance with the following:

website audit

Website Audit

Fixing Errors

Solving Misrepresentation Issues

Reactivating Suspended Accounts

Getting Disapproved Products Approved

Creating Manual and Automatic Feeds

We work in two ways:

Get your website suspension lifted faster. We’ll audit your site and provide a clear report outlining the missing checklist items. It lets you fix the problems and resubmit for a quick resolution.

Our Shopify and Google experts can directly fix the website issues for you. We’ll then submit an appeal on your behalf to get your suspension resolved.

Asked Questions.

What exactly is a Google Merchant Center account?

A Google Merchant Center account empowers online retailers to upload and oversee their product information, ensuring it is accessible on Google Shopping and other Google services. This account is a central hub for product data, offering merchants valuable insights into their product performance on the platform. Having a Merchant Center account is an essential initial step for any retailer aiming to advertise their products on Google Shopping.

Google Shopping uses data from the Google Merchant Centre product feed to determine the timing and placement of your ads. Retailers upload their product feed to the Merchant Centre, providing comprehensive details about their inventory. This data helps create the ads that are displayed. Google carefully selects the most suitable products and ads to showcase based on various factors such as size, colour, and type of item. These ads take users directly to the online store with a single click.

The timeline for seeing results from a Google Shopping campaign can vary significantly. We recommend caution when encountering agencies that promise exceptional results within a fixed timeframe. Like any digital marketing strategy, a successful Google Shopping campaign requires patience and careful management.

The time it takes to witness results from Google Shopping campaigns depends on various factors, including your industry competitiveness and the quality of your campaigns. Further, your ability to leverage analytics and product feed data to optimise performance plays a predominant role.

Partnering with Sweans, the premier Google Shopping agency in London can accelerate your results, often yielding noticeable improvements within a few weeks of the campaign launch. For a personalised estimate, contact our team today. Our experts will analyse your business needs and provide a tailored timeline for achieving your unique goals.

Our account furnishes you with valuable insights into the performance of your products, including details on impressions, clicks, and conversions. This data empowers you to make informed decisions about your advertising strategy, enabling you to refine your campaigns and enhance your outcomes on the platform.

Further, you can leverage tools like Google Analytics to understand your product performance and customer engagement with your online store.

As a data-driven Google Shopping ads agency in London, ensure that we use your budget efficiently by focusing only on strategies we are confident will deliver exceptional results. With years of industry experience and numerous successful Google Shopping ads campaigns, our team can assist you regardless of your specific objectives.

Learn how Sweans can enhance your next Google Shopping ads campaign to drive revenue and improve ROI by contacting our experts today.