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Customer Journey.

Leverage customer journey mapping to pinpoint every touchpoint a customer has with your brand.

Our Collaborative Approach.


Discovery Dive.

This step involves delving deep into your organisation’s existing knowledge through stakeholder interviews and collaborative workshops to uncover insights into the customer experience.


Customer Connection 

In this phase, direct customer engagement through interviews, shadowing, mystery shopping, and other research techniques provides a firsthand understanding of their needs and experiences.


Insight Integration.

Here, the focus shifts to transforming gathered insights into actionable strategies by analysing research findings and creating customer journey maps.



The final step involves visually mapping the customer experience journey, from awareness to onboarding, to understand and manage every touchpoint.

What to Expect From Customer
Journey Mapping?


Gain insight into 
pain points.

Understanding the challenges you’re addressing is crucial for effective action. By mapping out pain points, we can identify areas where your service or digital experience may be lacking.


Establish clear 
next steps.

After laying out all the challenges, determining the next course of action becomes simpler. Customer journey maps provide a clear roadmap towards achieving success.


Create superior solutions.

Collaborating with our team allows the development of innovative solutions to your customers’ challenges. Crafting superior solutions can enhance loyalty and drive conversions.

Why Choose Us?

When collaborating with Sweans, a leading customer journey agency in the UK, anticipate an unparalleled and unique experience. We employ cutting-edge psychology practices to transcend conventional approaches, crafting a comprehensive customer journey experience.

It involves understanding the customer’s interactions, emotions, motivations and needs at every touchpoint. The outcome is a customer-centric approach that guarantees maximum satisfaction and drives business success.

With Sweans providing strategic guidance and using data-driven decision-making, you can be confident that your brand will stand out from the crowd, leaving a lasting impact on your customers.

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Asked Questions.

What is customer journey mapping? Is it important?

Imagine a visual roadmap that traces your customer’s entire experience with your brand, product or service. That’s customer journey mapping in a nutshell. By analysing these touchpoints, you can gather valuable insights that can help improve your overall customer experience. This knowledge is crucial to boosting sales and building long-lasting loyalty.

The heart of a customer journey map revolves around a specific customer persona. You’re essentially mapping their unique experience. This journey is then divided into distinct stages, like becoming aware of your brand, considering your offering, making a purchase, using your product and becoming an advocate. Each touchpoint encapsulates a stage of customer interaction, including your website, social media, advertisements and customer service. You’ll also want to map actions they might want to take at each stage, like browsing your website, researching features, making a purchase or contacting support. Finally, a great customer journey map captures the emotional journey as well. What might your customer be thinking and feeling at each touchpoint? Are they excited, confused, or frustrated? 

Creating a customer journey map is a straightforward process. First, define your goals and target audience. What are you hoping to learn from the map, and who are you mapping the journey for? Next step: gather customer data! Conduct surveys, talk to your customers directly, or analyse user behaviour data to understand their experiences. Various online tools and templates are available to help you visualise the journey. Once you’ve chosen your format, break down the customer’s experience into stages. Then, map out all the touchpoints and customer actions within each stage. Don’t forget to consider the emotional aspect – what is your customer feeling at each interaction point?

A common mistake is creating a generic journey map. Remember, you’re mapping the experience for a specific persona with a unique goal, not a mythical “average customer.” Another pitfall is neglecting the emotional side. Customer journey mapping isn’t just about actions; it’s about understanding how customers feel throughout their interaction with your brand. Data is your friend here – avoid making assumptions and back up your map with genuine customer data to make ideal business decisions. Finally, customer journeys evolve. Don’t treat your map as a static document. Revisit and update it regularly to reflect the ever-changing customer landscape.

The benefits of customer journey mapping are countless. By understanding customer pain points, you can identify areas for improvement and tailor your approach to address them directly. It translates to a smoother buying experience, increased sales and conversions. Additionally, addressing customer needs at every touchpoint fosters stronger relationships and builds brand loyalty. Customer journey mapping also provides valuable insights to guide product development, ensuring you create offerings that resonate with your target audience. By embarking on this journey of understanding your customers, you’re ultimately setting your business up for long-term success.