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WCAG Compliance.

As an accessibility agency in London, we prioritise inclusive design, going beyond mere compliance to create fresh business opportunities.

Our Proven Digital Accessibility Process.


Initial Evaluation.

Our certified testers at Sweans will assess your website accessibility to identify current issues, review its structure, and suggest improvements for compliance.


Accessibility Audit.

Our experts conduct a comprehensive website accessibility audit, examining each page using relevant accessibility tools to ensure WCAG compliance.



Following the Accessibility Audit, our development and design team will remediate the website code to meet the latest WCAG accessibility standards.


Accessible Website

If you are building a website from scratch and require a fully accessible platform, our experts can develop a WCAG-compliant website tailored to your needs.



We ensure all documents on your website are accessible and available in alternative formats to accommodate the needs of everyone.


Assurance Check.

Maintaining compliance with ADA or WCAG guidelines is an ongoing responsibility. Our experts are here to help you keep your website up to date with the latest accessibility standards.

Why You Should Care About Accessibility?

Navigating ADA and WCAG accessibility compliance can be complex, but our experts can assist you in designing a website that meets all accessibility standards.

legal complience

Legal Compliance

Ensure you comply with accessibility laws and regulations.

customers icon

Reach More Customers

Expand your customer base by catering to individuals with disabilities.

win the competetion icon

Gain Competitive Edge

Use accessibility as a strategic advantage to differentiate your business.

positive reputation

Positive Online Reputation

Showcase your brand commitment to inclusivity and accessibility.

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Mitigate Legal Risks

Avoid lawsuits or formal complaints by adhering to accessibility standards.

SEO icon

Improve SEO

Enhance your search engine rankings by implementing accessibility best practices.

Asked Questions.

Why is web accessibility so crucial?

Ensuring web accessibility is a crucial step towards creating a level playing field for the 20% of the world population that have disabilities. The internet is one of the most significant innovations in human history, and inclusivity online represents a major stride towards building a society that values inclusion, regardless of abilities.

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) consist of a series of recommendations enhancing web content accessibility for individuals with disabilities. These guidelines form part of the international standard by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Improving accessibility can benefit all users by enhancing the overall user experience. For instance, websites with crystal-clear navigation and readable fonts provide a better experience for everyone, not just those with disabilities. Moreover, accessible websites tend to achieve higher rankings in search engines.

Yes, accessibility can greatly benefit SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). Improving accessibility principles enhances SEO, making your website more discoverable and usable.

An accessibility statement is a crucial document that outlines the accessibility features of a website, detailing its compliance level with standards like WCAG. It plays a vital role by demonstrating the website owner’s dedication to accessibility and by providing users with essential information about accessibility provisions and how to report any issues they encounter.