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SEO: What was the past and what is the present?


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has been changing throughout the years. SEO has its presence over long time, because of the ascent in the number of portable clients, changes in SERP’s and obviously splitting down of the spam procedures by Google and numerous more reasons to drill down. However, its high time to think how the part of SEO has been transformed over the ages. Give us a chance to get more profound into the idea by observing into the past and the present:

Past v/s Present scenario

On page Optimization was the past idea where SEO’s would delineate 2 to 5 keywords, a solitary URL streamlining  components on the page including Meta description, title, and body content. There are numerous progressions happening from time to time. There are progressions occurring in the machine learning and the semantic pursuit wherein a page can be positioned for related keywords to upgrade your page which is truly the best strategy for completing the things. Having contents which satisfies the requirement of the clients instead of simply coordinating up the given string of the keywords is far superior experience.

Recent SEO ought to have a hard comprehension of the creation of the content as well as promotion of the content. Today’s SEO is the mix of improvement of existing content and the creation and intensification of new content to address the end client’s issues which can uphold the brand to get connections and social signs for higher positioning in the SERP’s. Already it was only about streamlining of the current landing pages in light of the inquiry volume and striking distance.

Devices and advancements

It was fundamentally about optimization for the desktops as it was a prime gadget utilized for surfing the web. The populace now a days is totally reliant on cell phones to consume any sort of contents. In spite of the fact that Desktop is the significant medium for searching according to the need. In the previous year’s Digital media utilization has hit the rooftop and certainly it will be expanding in the coming years. There are numerous researches done to comprehend the rising significance of mobile utilization and its impacts on the digital growth. Some of the researches have uncovered that mobile is favored more than the desktop nowadays. SEO’s need to concentrate more on advancing the mobile experiences especially the applications and need to ensure that the mobile page loads within fraction of seconds.


Since the previous years, there are changes in the local results made by Google, many times and it’s been changed from 10 to 7 packs and recently being the 3 pack. In the previous year’s spamming the listings was much easier and only by including the keywords into the name of the business and getting links from the spammy directories. Local is now a days just about the positive reviews.


In the old days when social networks including Twitter, Facebook, and others were not all that acclaimed among the users, email and texting frameworks assumed a noteworthy part. Today online networking and SEO needs to go hand in hand so as to upsurge brand introduction, to associate each business with their favored groups of onlookers and expansion of the user engagement. In these present days SEO’s need to use all social networks to elevate the contents.


This is the most vital factor which determines the rankings although link building has seen a dramatic change over the previous years. In the past days it was believed that link quantity was most important to make your site better. Links with rich keywords could make the site rank much better. But now a days it’s not simply the quantity which matters rather it’s all about quality. Links from spammy websites are discounted and the links from authoritative sites are weighted more heavily. In recent market conditions SEO has to create quality content and pursue pertinent links valuable for the users. Backlinks have to be monitored and all the low quality links have to be removed to maintain a strong link portfolio.

Final conclusion

SEO’s have changed a lot in the last few years making sure that the clients sites are mobile friendly and are faster in loading process. A shift from traditional optimization and the connection to the client’s content with the actual user, over all the several devices and the platforms has to be considered by the SEO’s.  If you are capable of optimizing web properties of the brand to attract the consumers you can definitely win the race in the SERPs.

Ajay C Thomas
Ajay C Thomas

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