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SEO Vs Google Adwords: Which One Should You Go For ?

  • January 19, 2015
  • Ajeesh Ashraf
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The most important tool in running a digital marketing campaign are AdWords and SEO which in turn makes up the Search Engine Marketing (SEM). They have some similarities and differences and there are situations in which you should use them together depending on your business and marketing goal.

1.Google AdWords

AdWords, is Google’s online advertising program, which can be used by the advertisers to post their ads on Google and its advertising network comprising of Google Search Result pages, YouTube, Blogger, Gmail, and other Google properties along with thousands of other websites that participate in the AdWords program as publishers.

Advertisers have two options – can choose to pay when someone clicks on your ad (Cost Per Click or CPC) or when people see your ad (CPM or Cost per Thousands Impressions). AdWords is none other than a big auction where advertisers compete for the available advertising places.

2. SEO

If you ask this to 1000 different people, you will get 100 different answers to this question.  This is on the grounds that SEO is not only one idea; it has numerous parts to it.  However, it’s not as complicated as most people make it out to be.

SEO, or Search Engine optimization, is a procedure to help a website,to increase its ranking by using relevant keywords or phrases found in search engines. The better the keywords or phrases, the better the ranking. In simple words Optimization intends to ‘get the best possible’ or ‘most advantageous’ rank for your site. In this way, SEO is the procedure of making the code clean and optimized, and ensure proper usage of the tags, external style sheet, minimal HTML code and W3C validation, because of which search engines know where to find meta-tags and keywords, and your site stays on the radar to get the best possible rankings on “Search engine results pages, also known as SERPS”.

Best one for your Marketing:

The issue with this question is that it is so black and white, when in reality there is no need to choose one instead of the other. As opposed to picking either SEO or Adwords, it is best as a rule to use both.

The main goal in our internet marketing campaigns was to help our customers get traffic from Search Engines through SEO. But through our quest for knowledge and first hand experiences working with clients in different niches we realized that business owners sometimes need results faster and more immediate and this is where Adwords comes into play.

It’s very essential to note that despite AdWords and SEO being two different areas, they both drive traffic and leads from the same place: search. If you perceive both factors in a way that they complement each other instead of work against it is easy to see how using them both will result in a much stronger search strategy overall. Whether you choose to attempt to work on each aspect of search engine optimization yourself or hire an outside SEO firm, you will rapidly understand that you are not going to get moment results from SEO. Amid the time that your rankings start to enhance, using Adwords can give you instant traffic.

One of the biggest advantages of Adwords over SEO is the availability of a lot of data. By analyzing an AdWords campaign in detail like which text and sale copy did the maximum can give you an idea of where to start with meta descriptions.The latter is genuine if you utilize AdWords carefully and wisely. It is not difficult to begin an Adwords campaign spending money, but if you don’t have proper monitoring tools you will end up making losses instead of profits.

When should you start?

Once more, I urge businesses to view SEO and PPC as two sides to the same coin. So now the question is not “when should I start SEO?” or “when should I do an AdWords campaign?” The actual question is “when should I start generating traffic from search?” and the answer to that is: immediately.The quicker you begin your Adwords campaign the more time you have to examine data, generate traffic from your PPC campaign, and build leads and sales.

The sooner you begin with your search strategy the more effective it is going to be and extend you the better results. So don’t waste time and get ready to have more business .

Ajeesh Ashraf
Ajeesh Ashraf