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Our favorite buddy FACEBOOK has turned 12!.

Our favorite buddy FACEBOOK has turned 12!

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Savan Krishna


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO the huge social giant Facebook. Wish you live a very very long life hereafter. Yes this is a serious wish because now a days our morning starts with Facebook and yes ofcourse ends with the same. Isn’t it ?

Our dearest chum Facebook celebrated its 12 th birthday on February 4th, 2016. It delivered personalized videos that weaved together the memories of the users and celebrated the day, dubbing it as “Friends Day”. This feature is somewhat similar to the Year in review videos that are shared at the end of the year. Special moments were cherished with the Friends day videos.

Having a count of more than a billion daily active users Facebook has reached a significant milestone. It has become the largest social media company ever.

Go through this video wherin  Megan Morrone Erin Carson from TechRepublic and Jason Howell together are discussing about the twelfth birthday of our favorite star Facebook  , and why this social network  is such a dominant force.

Savan Krishna