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Isn’t your website GDPR compliant yet?


Are you still unaware of the enforced GDPR act? You will no more be denied of the details it revealed with it. We take this opportunity to make you apprised of all the necessary facts about GDPR.

GDPR an abbreviation for General Data Protection Regulation is an European Union Law obligatory to all the businesses that process an individual’s personal data. This new data protection act brings forward a few latest regulations that most of the businesses and websites should follow. The motive behind the EU regulation is to protect consumers against the rising data breaches, costing the UK economy billions of pounds a year.

No matter your business is EU based or not, if you process personal data in any form you are liable to implement this rule for secure transfer of the data.

Every business these days have a digital face which is their website. The website acts as a tool to attract customers via CTAs or contact forms. It’s the area or the major source where your website receives user’s data in bulk. How proficiently is this data managed? Do you ever face data breach issues for that? Do not worry…the new GDPR regulation is set to eliminate all these risks. But remember a very important thing that is, Non-compliant business websites run the risk of paying a hefty fine of more than €20 Million or 4% of your business revenue.

So, what are you waiting for? Without giving a second thought start initiating GDPR for your website as soon as possible.

Let’s move on forward.…and discuss some of the proven factors to make a website GDPR compliant so that every information gets transferred with utmost security. Aren’t you prepared yet? If not keep your steps ahead with us!

Identifying personal data your business holds

The first step to make your website GDPR compliant is to understand what kind of personal information your business holds, where is your data residing, and who all can access the data. Along with these things identifying the personal data collected will let you know what all risks are associated with the stored data. You must be aware of the following key elements also:

Data items


Data format

Data transfer methods

Accountability and

Access points

Removing all unnecessary personal data

Processing personal data is a very risky task and that’s the reason you should process only the data required. Delete the data which is of no use for your process. This deletion will reduce the chances of risks and data breaches. Make sure that the remaining and important data is kept secure at your end and is used only for valid purposes.

Providing detailed data policy

Your website should include a detailed privacy policy which explains each aspect of the usage of the user’s personal data. The Policy should contain a very clear perception of why and how you are using your user’s personal data and whether it is kept safely or not. Instant notification should be sent to the users if any changes, installations or any updates have been added to the website.

Consent forms for better compliance

Preparing the consent forms is the most important step in making your website GDPR compliant. Consent forms will help your business to notify the users about the usage of their shared personal information. In short, this kind of consent form relates basically with the working on collecting the user’s agreement on processing their personal information.

The consent should be kept separate from other terms & conditions.

Try not to pre-tick the opt-in boxes as it is invalid.

There should be different types of consent options to satisfy a variety of data processing needs.

The consent information should be well-documented.

All the users should be notified that they are free to withdraw their consent at any time.

 Breach notification activities

There must be a proper planning to deal with the issues of the data breach, data theft or any future breaches to happen. If you are the business owner, you will have to take the responsibility to inform all the affected individuals and should be reported to the concerned authority within 72 hours.

Learn about the rights of the people whose data you’re collecting

GDPR will give people whose data has been collected new rights. That includes the right to request to be “forgotten” and the right to request a copy of their personal data being held.

Learn more and communicate with the team

Make sure decision makers in your organization know about GDPR so they can act to protect your company.

Wind-up Notes ( We can help you!)

In today’s hacking scenario making your website,  GDPR compliant is indeed necessary for the security reasons. GDPR law states that a business owner should start complying with the act very soon, or else your site will be penalized up to a 4% annual turnover. However, this act is something which should not be ignored if you feel your business needs a flourished environment. The only way is to start making your website GDPR compliant so that no fine concerns occur.

At Sweans, we are committed to ensuring that our clients are protected when it comes to GDPR. We have conducted a research and want to educate our clients on how GDPR could affect their website. Click on the link to know how can we help you in making your website GDPR ready : https://www.sweans.com/make-website-gdpr-compliant/ 

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