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Non compliant business websites run the risk of paying

more than €20 Million or 4% of your business revenue as fines.

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GDPR checklist

Ensure that your website is GDPR compliant by following these steps:

  • Generate GDPR Awareness
  • Analyze Information you hold
  • Communicate privacy information
  • Understand users' rights
  • Get consent from the users
  • Cookies usage alert
  • Privacy policy update alert
  • Plan for data breaches
  • Designate data protection officer
  • Provide transparency and control
  • Easy to Withdraw Permission or Opt-Out
  • Unbundled Opt-In
  • Double opt- in for newsletter subscription
  • Default all checkboxes to off
We can help

We can help

At Sweans, we are committed to ensure that our clients are protected when it comes to GDPR. We have conducted a research and want to educate our clients on how GDPR could affect their website.

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