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Create Interactive Maps for your WordPress Website

Implement it with Google Maps, Leaflet Js or Mapbox using the data loaded in your Google Sheet.

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About our interactive mapping service

Put your business on the map with our premier interactive mapping services for WordPress websites. Are you a business with various locations across a city or a destination marketing site showcasing attractions like museums, restaurants, and parks? If yes, our custom map creation service is designed specifically for you.


At Sweans, we specialise in creating detailed, engaging, and fully customisable interactive maps using advanced technologies like Mapbox GL JS, Leaflet JS, ArcGIS, and Google Maps. We aim to help your audience navigate your locations seamlessly while enhancing your online presence.


Get hands on a custom-built interactive map created using top-tier technologies such as Leaflet JS, Mapbox GL JS, ArcGIS, and Google Maps.

We provide the full code for integration at your leisure.

Delivery in 7 days.


Get hands on a custom-built interactive map created using top-tier technologies such as Leaflet JS, Mapbox GL JS, ArcGIS, and Google Maps.

We integrate the map with seamless direct publishing.

Delivery in 7 days.

Our custom mapping service offers

Our interactive maps are more than just digital locators; they're visual storytellers, sharing essential information and guiding users to their desired destinations. By highlighting key locations and providing easy-to-follow routes, we ensure that your audience can connect with your business or attractions effectively and efficiently.
Interactive Web Map Creation

We design comprehensive and detailed web maps with user-friendly interfaces to showcase your locations attractively and intuitively. Be it your offices, storefronts, or places of interest, Sweans will place them prominently on the map.

WordPress Integration

Our team will smoothly integrate your interactive map onto any of your WordPress web pages. It ensures a consistent and integrated user experience across your digital platform.

Responsive Design

Our team guarantee your map will maintain its appeal and functionality on all devices. Our responsive design adapts to any screen size, providing your audience with an impeccable navigation experience anytime, anywhere.

Tailored Customisation

We believe in delivering a bespoke experience. From adding precise geo-locations to personalising map themes and icons, we create a map that truly represents your brand and meets your unique needs.

How it Works


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Start Your Journey

Once you've placed your order, we'll provide you with a form to fill out. Here, you'll need to input the necessary details, like your Google Sheets API key and your data with coordinates. This information allows us to tailor an interactive map to your specific needs.


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Watch Your Map Take Shape

We will construct your personalised interactive map on our demo server. It will enable you to preview the map, ensuring it aligns with your vision and requirements.


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Your Map, Your Way

Upon your approval of the demo map, we take the final step. Depending on the custom plan, we would provide you with the code or directly publish the interactive map on your WordPress site. It ensures seamless integration with your digital platform, boosting your online presence.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there hidden fees in Sweans interactive mapping service packages?
Sweans is transparent about its pricing, and there are no hidden fees in its interactive mapping service packages. The pricing you receive will encompass the features, customisation, and support outlined in your chosen package. Any additional costs, such as custom development or unique integrations, will be discussed and agreed upon before implementation.
How technically proficient should I be to implement the Sweans mapping service?
You don't need advanced technical skills to implement Sweans' mapping service. The service is user-friendly, with easy-to-use interfaces and tools that allow you to create and customise maps without extensive coding knowledge. However, if you have specific customisation requirements, Swean's dev team of experts can assist you in achieving your desired functionalities.
What are the costs associated with Sweans interactive mapping service?
The standard package costs $300, whereas the premium package costs $500. Connect with Sweans directly for a personalised quote that aligns with the features and customisation you're looking for.
How can businesses benefit from using Sweans interactive mapping service?
Businesses can benefit in several ways. The custom mapping services will improve user engagement and retention by providing an intuitive and visually appealing way to explore geographic information. Second, it can enhance customer experience by offering features like store locators, event mapping, or property listings. Further, businesses can gain insights through analytics and understanding user interactions with the map to optimise their offerings.
Is Sweans interactive mapping service customisable to match branding?
Yes, Sweans interactive mapping service is highly customisable. You can tailor the map's appearance to align with your brand's colours, fonts, and overall design. It ensures that the map seamlessly integrates into your website or application, providing a consistent and cohesive user experience.