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How vital is the role of search in recent customer decision journey?


Marketing always has a single most important goal and that’s reaching consumers at the moments most influencing their decisions. Consumers are changing the way of their research. There is also a change in the ways they buy the products. Social medias and the mobile devices have helped today’s customer to get an extraordinary supremacy to, complain loudly, compare prices and find the best deals. Digital marketing landscapes are getting reshaped due to the disruptive technologies. Advertisers are scrambling to be on top of the minds of the consumers. Paid search is a universal influencer which evolves throughout the consumer decision making journey.

In any case, most advertisers today concur that it is fundamental for a brand to show up at all phases of the channel — and because of some new discoveries from different research groups, which has helped to get significantly greater perceivability and information to show how paid pursuit is driving brand fondness and reviews.
From various perspectives, today’s search advertisers should embrace innovative outlook, diving further into individual client journey and query paths. Paid search is no longer an item with wide KPIs, for example, clicks and conversions.

Initiation, Research, Comparison, transaction and experience all are the five diverse stages within the consumer’s decision journey. The stages have a different level of importance depending upon the complexity of the task and the type of shopper, the cost of failure, cost and complexity, frequency of purchase.

Every customer journey is personalized and differentiates itself in length and importance.Regardless of whether a purchaser is jumping online to supplant a broken baby bouncy chair or searching for water heating appliance, advertisers must contact the perfect individual at the right moment with the right message.

A recent research study by Forrester shows that, 74% reported the use of search engine for considering and purchasing (including research, comparison and transaction, 71% of consumers begin their journeys, by using a search engine to discover new services and products.

These searches span  different types of queries:

Brand searches is a query which includes a brand or the item name search.

Competitor brand searches is a type of query which includes your competitor’s brands or products. It’s an opportunity for your brand to appear through conquest advertising.

Category searches is a type of query which includes broad search terms that are not brand or product specific.

Key to starting a journey: Non-brand searches

Traditional searches have constantly set a premium on the brand keywords. A Brand Impact Study conducted on the data usage carried out by the researchers depicts that competitors, tangible searches and the category had a non brand keyword. Those were missed out of the numerous phases of the decision journeys and the wide-open spaces for their competitors. A branded ad which appears in category and competitor brand queries, enhances brand liking. Although search marketers have long assumed some level of brand awareness in search, it is the amount of brand awareness shown which proves to be impressive and indicates the importance of staying present throughout each stage of a journey.

Search continues to dominate conversion activity

As pursuit keeps on developing and playing incorporated roles despite everything it still dominates within the base of-funnel conversion activity. It’s the immense time to approach paid pursuit with a new view, taking a gander at the benefit of achieving the buyer over the whole adventure.
As search continues to evolve and play integrated roles farther up the funnel, it still dominates within bottom-of-funnel conversion activity. It’s the great time to approach paid search with a fresh view, looking at the value of reaching the consumer across the entire journey.

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