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How does Nike use its social media platforms to increase its brand name?.

How does Nike use its social media platforms to increase its brand name?

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Ajay C Thomas


The buying decisions of consumers today are based on social media posts on different platforms.

Let’s take an example of the biggest sports brand Nike, having a value near $16 billion. From the iconic swoosh logo to the ‘Just Do It’ slogan which is now part of pop culture, Nike is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. The brand slices through the messiness on social in an extremely brilliant way.

Utilization of the two biggest online networking platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, helps Nike to speak with its differing groups of onlookers.

Nike excels on Facebook

Like most worldwide brands, Nike has separate Facebook pages for every sub-brand incorporating golf, Nike+ Run Club etc.

Nike Football has a bigger number of Likes than its main account and considerably more than the Facebook page of its nearest equal, Adidas.

The brand has a devoted page for explicit item ranges like Air Max and Air Force 1, and in addition, a page explicitly centred on women’s products and its female athletes, Nike Women. The brand doesn’t exclusively concentrate on participatory games on social yet in addition to its most well-known sportswear lines. The latter one exhibits their acknowledgement of the unobtrusive contrasts between men’s and women’s relationship with it as a brand.

One key perception is that the brand utilizes Facebook much more sparingly for its natural social output. Since Facebook changed its calculation not long ago it shows that the organization is playing to the standards of the platform and just utilizing page posts for its greater campaigns. As Nike makes its biggest athletes and their achievements the focal point of its posts on the platform, posts still generate a lot of engagement through likes and comments.

This is maybe a consequence of huge sporting events like the World Cup, the NBA Finals, Wimbledon, and The Open where marquee Nike Athletes, for example, Cristiano Ronaldo, Lebron James, Serena Williams, and Tiger Woods became the overwhelming focus, along with these lines requesting interest and empowering pursues.

As more consumers look to social media as their first port of call for client benefit, it may be the case that Nike’s fans are making a beeline for its Facebook Page to get constant reactions from the organization or air any complaints in an open forum.

Nike uses Instagram

Reports suggest Nike has the fourth largest following of any brand on Instagram, with 82.6 million followers on its main profile.

Nike utilizes its Instagram account more regularly than its Facebook Page, distributing posts on average about once per week. One purpose behind this could be the rising fame of the photograph/video-sharing platform, which achieved 1 billion monthly active users this year.

Another reason may be the exclusively visual nature of the platform, which is better suited to the high-quality imagery and video content the sports brand produces for its followers to consume.

The brand also keeps things consistent. They highlight the athletes or sports teams in their posts. Their posts and the concise copy have a clear, motivational tone of voice.

One product line that uses Instagram to great effect is Nike Running. Collective running and running clubs have surged in popularity in recent years due to their inclusive nature. Nike has capitalized on this by aligning its content on Instagram to reflect this behavioural shift.

Unlike Facebook, Nike doesn’t use Instagram to exclusively champion its diverse range of athletes.

Nike has utilized the functionalities by likewise playing around with IGTV. Nike has utilized the long-frame video highlight to deliver a progression of narrative-style recordings.

Working with standard individuals and not just widely acclaimed competitors and influencers. This is something the brand has done reliably, both online and offline, to extraordinary impact. Nike’s IGTV ‘docu-series‘, which started in September, has racked up a total of 1.4 million views.

A brand rival of Nike is Adidas, but it hasn’t even reached to match Nike’s ubiquity on Instagram. Success on Instagram remains a demonstration of the very vivid feel of its posts and its visual content.

Ajay C Thomas