Comparing all the social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter etc. Google+ is a much softer challenger. It is the only social media network which maintains a sturdy figure of faithful admirers and followers. The easiness which is seen in the layout of Google+ is a visual friendly platform valued by the users. Its association with Google’s other services including drive or YouTube makes the use of Google+ much convenient and trustworthy. Even with the distinguishing benefits Google+ is always hit harder with its hecklers. Hottest caption about Google+ is that it’s being on its deathbed.

Considering this headline can the marketers guess the future of Google+ or else can they ignore all the death extortion and place their brand on the network anyway. There’s no modest solution for the said questions as every social media platform has their unique audiences. If your audiences are active on Google+ what all can be expected from it.

Engagement in social media networks:

As per exploration from GlobalWebIndex, 60% of the clients said they have a Google+ profile, yet just 21% among those having profile say they are dynamic on the social media networks. This 21% is equal to the huge population however it’s essential to call attention to that Google+ clients tend to post, visit and draw in at minor rates than any other channels. Consider that 42% of clients on Facebook are dynamic on the network.

Fanbase which is truly steadfast:

Google+ has a little yet devoted fanbase that has helped keep the platform lively. GlobalWebIndex found that at least once in a day 56% of these users post. Once in every week 78% percent of these users visit Google+. Tragically, this crowd represents a lesser number of users. Furthermore, in some cases numbers are expanded because of auto-posts that originate from YouTube video shares and profile changes.

 Worldwide Transformations:

It’s noteworthy that Google+ isn’t the same in each nation. In India, for instance, 80% of Internet active users have an account in Google+, and 40% of them are dynamic on it. Comparative numbers exist in Malaysia, Thailand and South Africa. It creates the impression that Google+ is a well-known juncture for fresh digital technology adopters, particularly as Google+ missed out to Facebook in developed nations like Germany, France and the United States

Enhanced SEO:

Google+ remains the top piece of postings conveyed in SEO. Regardless of what anybody says, Google+ is a part and parcel of Google, and having a robust existence on the social networking platform will help your SEO. Engaging with posting upgrades, having expert looking pictures and expect listings on Google to be wedged by the communication of data on your Google listing.

Is Google+ a worth platform?

Everything relies upon whether your group of onlookers is on the social community. Normally speaking, users of Google+ range in the age group of 16-34 years. It’s additionally better known in a few nations, as specified previously. Also, Google+ is not anticipated that would vanish at any point in the near future – articulations from Google strengthens this. So if your gathering of people is on Google+ and you appreciate being a part of advancing changes, take a gander at the stage as one more open door for engagement.