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This Onam, Boost Your Brand & Business Effectively!

As you know, festive seasons are just about to knock on your door! It is a gala time, not just for consumers but also for brands to showcase their latest array of products & thunderous discounts. With the purchase behaviour for all brands assumed to be sky-high, brands are in a constant run to lure you into a whirlpool of hefty offers! However, considering the trend, let’s get a reality check! Is the ‘purchase behaviour sky-rocketing during festivals’ a mere digital marketing fallacy? Or is it just the big brands that get to benefit from the festival chaos?

With Onam soon approaching, it’s time for you to change the trends, flaunt your brand sell and maximize your business profits and leads. We at Sweans Technologies, the best digital marketing agency in Kerala can help you streamline your business strategies into jubilant campaigns, expand your reach and assist you in achieving your goal based on your budget preference.

For your brand to stand out amidst a pool of festive embellishments, it needs to be unprecedented, posing a high-end profit business for the customers. Cross and up-selling are one of the primary keys to unlocking the shackles of consumer trends. However, this can’t be easily devised as said. For e.g.: if a huge offer is live, the consumers are conditioned to believe that the brand gets a bigger share of benefit by upselling the product and that they do not end up saving as much as they were promised in the offer tag. This pre-notion needs to be dealt cleverly for your brand to penetrate the customer mind. It would require you to come up with different offer ideas. Once you have a strong offer that is sure to attract the audience, the next step is to make it reach your target group.

Clearly, reach shouldn’t be your endgame! The strategy should be weaved such that it influences your audience, create an impact & pave way for an effective brand recall strategy. Increasing the frequency of your ads will help leave a lasting imprint on your customer’s mind & give your brand more customer conversions.

Now that you know the process, let’s break another notion about modern-day marketing. It may come as no surprise that most brands believe that marketing is a herculean task that requires one to invest a huge amount of money. However, smart marketers, these days are shifting budget from traditional marketing to digital marketing techniques for a cost-effective outcome. Yes! You heard it right! Digital Arena has the potential to reach an unlimited number of audience and we can walk you to an expanded horizon of effective digital marketing techniques that would help foster your brand and get you more leads in a cost-effective manner.

Though it’s not always easy to figure out what numbers matter or what figures do best for your business, digital possibilities are so expansive and vast that we can try a multitude of methods to measure success.

Here are the most effective strategies and digital marketing techniques that you can carry out on a budget basis. For an allocated low marketing budget, we can run reach campaigns and for an allocated high marketing budget, we can run engagement campaigns. Here, reach is the cost per view (impressions) & engagement is the cost per engagement (interaction). We can also try a combination of both for better, potential results.

So, what can you do to maximise your post reach & engagement?

·        Specific Location Targeting 

Instead of aiming at broader target locations, it’s wise to limit your target area and focus on/ influence specific locations and people near you to get concentrated, yet most-effective conversions.

·        Attract Customers to Your Retail Store

Give a complete makeover for your brand’s retail store with festive embellishments, attractive brand mascots, Onam special kiosks, danglers, Onam special decors, ambient ads etc. to welcome and attract customers. More footfalls mean direct conversions.

·        Retain Customers for the Next Festive Season

Keeping a consistent customer base on board is a huge thing to maintain the profit stability of the brand. It earns you more customers and indirectly increases brand credibility. This also helps in word-of-mouth marketing to expand your customer base.

Many agencies do an excellent initial job of closing sales but going forward they fail in sustaining the momentum of work. However, at Sweans, one thing that makes us stand-out from our competitors is our transparent approach towards all our clients as well as our work. We believe that it fosters a healthy work relation, fortifies trust and increases lifetime loyalty.

For ideas on how to build high-quality content and increase your Facebook reach, check out our website! Let’s collaborate to start right away!

Aashin Thampy
Aashin Thampy

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