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Best Indian Advertisements


Indian YouTube advertising space is amusing, engaging dominating yet a very useful platform which helps in increasing customer retention. Viewers spend hundreds of millions of hours on YouTube. These videos are viewed mostly through mobiles and that’s the reason this platform has been the most preferred on the go. Studies claim, 42% use YouTube for pre-purchase research and 64% buy products after watching a video on YouTube. Hence this is making videos the future of entertainment and online marketing.
Taking these numbers into consideration brands are shifting to an online platform to reach more potential viewers. The month of September was led by big brands including Samsung, Apple, Nescafe, Oppo, Britannia, and others. These brands have incorporated the ever-successful formula of creative advertising with demonstrative storyboards. Let’s go through some of the best advertisements having most viewership.
Request my viewers to note that all the statistics here are taken from different sources are taken into consideration.

1. Samsung Bixby Voice Assistant – #VoiceForever: 116 million views

Samsung has always tried to showcase their innovations in the form of compelling stories. Their advertisements are always worth watching and heart touching. This one is also inspired by the real-life story.  Mother- daughter relationship and an emotional quotient in the advertisement has reaped more than 116 million views. It stands at the pinnacle of the top YouTube advertisements in India.

2. The New Ciaz | TVC

#TheNewCiaz was launched a month ago and as indicated by the brand, it is an uncommon experience with never before seen creation and a definitive motivation. The ad highlights Bollywood on-screen character Ranveer Singh, who exemplifies the role of a designer and possesses the car. He is seen driving the car around along with inventive and professional shots. Inside that story, the Car highlights are likewise featured. The ad has accumulated more than 63 million views until now .

3. Apple – Apple’s big news in 108 seconds

A month ago, Apple did the usual major launch of its two new smartphones – the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max with the greatest screen ever on an iPhone. It likewise totally upgraded the Apple Watch Series 4 with the greatest Apple Watch display yet and another electrical heart sensor. The ad has the look and feel of a great Apple commercial with quick moving texts and fast bouncing shots. It explains all the new features in less than two minutes and keeps your attention focused until the end.

With more than 40 million views so far, this promotional advertisement.

4. NESCAFé Cold Coffee | CHILL KARO Phir START KARO, featuring Disha Patani

Featuring Bollywood actress Disha Patani, Nescafe went for a light treatment on their advertisement campaign. It shows that Nescafe’s cold coffee allows you to chill and to take a break from everything. A meme factor in the advertisement added to the success and has gained more than 34 million views.

5. Parle Milano | Dark Choco Centre Filled Cookies | Pilates

With an objective to promote their Milano Dark Choco Centre Filled Cookies Parle introduced a short and to the point advertisement. Featuring Twinkle Khanna, wife of Bollywood action star Akshay Kumar simply introduces their awesome cookies by taking a bite from its “6 pack” with a pun on the term. There are mesmerizing visuals followed.
Despite being a short and simple advertisement, it has garnered more than 29 million views so far.


Kit Kat has always been perceived as a fun chocolate brand and this ad campaign moves along the same lines. The story line goes with the two female colleagues exiting their stressful client meeting takes out a Kit Kat which cools down their temper and helps them get into a crazy dancing mood across the streets of a European town. Hitting more than 24 million views.

7. Deepika Unveils Certified goStays by Goibibo

Roping in the most popular Bollywood actors including Deepika Padukone and Vicky Kaushal Goibibo launches its new ad campaign to introduce their certified goStays service. A wedding where the actors playfully discuss their hotel staying plans with various exciting features including free Wi-Fi, early check-in etc with an interjection from the groom stating that the prices start as low as Rs 999. The advertisement has caught a lot of eyeballs as these actors have never been seen together and their chemistry is rocking with praises from the viewers. The advertisement has garnered over 23 million views.

8. #OPPOF9Pro Starry Purple – The wait is finally over

OPPO as of late propelled another smartphone the OPPO F9 Pro. It accompanies the brands all-new VOOC Flash Charge and is accessible in a striking ‘Starry Purple’ colour option. As indicated by the brand, the product is intended to embody the wonders of the universe in a one of a kind, crafty methodology – making it the new ‘it’ thing!

The ad demonstrates the highlights of the smartphone emphasizing on its colour, in a visually engaging way with over 21 million views.

9. New MAGGI Special Masala Noodles

MAGGI is viewed as the best among all noodle products in the market. The brand endeavors to continue reinventing itself to make it significantly more appealing to the consumers. This promotion film grandstands the quest of a young lady who goes all around the country and gathers extraordinary spices all along her way. In the end, she winds up mixing each one of those spices together into an exceptional masala blend which brings forth the Special Masala Maggi Noodles.

The bright view and mouth-watering visuals of the Maggi preparation will keep you inspired in this advertisement right to the end. 21 million views have been garnered by this awesome advertisement.

10. #100SaalSe100SaalTak – The 100 years journey of Britannia

Britannia is a famous family brand and to commend a hundred years of its existence, the brand propelled a nostalgic ad film. The advertisement shows how the various Britannia products have been a vital piece of everyday life throughout these years and will continue to be so in the future as well. At the end, it additionally gives a review of the different brand logo changes throughout the years.

With nostalgia touching different parts of Indian way of life, the ad was undoubtedly a hit. This #100SaalSe100SaalTak promotion film earned over 14 million views.

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