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A unique plugin from WordPress to support Instant Articles.

A unique plugin from WordPress to support Instant Articles

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Savan Krishna


With Facebook’s inevitable launch of Instant Articles to all the publishers on April 12, WordPress has arranged for the downpour of enthusiasm for this new publishing platform by propelling its own particular plugin to change WordPress content into Instant Articles. The launch of this plugin was declared by the WordPress VIP group and in addition Facebook’s media relations group, yet don’t let the “WordPress VIP” phrase alarm you: the apparatus is bolstered on all occasions of self-facilitated WordPress platforms and also the VIP product.

Facebook said that it has worked with a small group of the publishers running on WordPress platform including Foreign Policy and Tribune Media’s Zap2it, to test the plugin.

At present, the plugin is accessible on Github and is open source; reports can be submitted by the developers straightforwardly to the community of Github group. The plugin will likewise soon be highlighted in the official directory of WordPress plugins. The plugin takes a website or media webpage’s contents and analyses it, so that it is agreeable with Facebook’s Instant Article required designing, giving it the suitable markup to guarantee the best client experience. The plugin ought to work out of the box yet, but the plugin can be stretched out to bolster extra components.


It will be exciting to perceive how Facebook’s Instant Articles assume a part and how this element truly guarantees that activity, and income gets the chance to back the publisher. Will this plugin constrain publishers to straightforwardly grasp the Instant Articles encounter, or is there still a general wariness against the dynamic. The truth will surface eventually, yet it absolutely was a shrewd move for WordPress to join forces with Facebook to give publishers the inspiration to move onto the Instant Articles trend.

Are you looking to increase the reach and engagement of your content, then Instant Articles could be the way to go as people engage more deeply with the immersive experience and share Instant Articles with their friends more often than the standard web articles.

The huge social networking giant is all set to start up its feature of Instant Articles to all the publishers, and also has launched a free WordPress plugin that will help the publishers create Instant articles with easiness. Facebook has partnered with Automattic parent company of WordPress.com VIP, for building up the free plugin for Instant Articles from WordPress. WordPress publishing platform now controls more than that of 25 % of the sites on the web and this will be a stepping stone towards, helping millions of publishers all over the world to bring experience of Instant Articles to their readers.

A special RSS feed is created by the plugin, to automatically optimize Facebook posts to appear as Instant Articles. This is an open source and customizable plugin. At the point when Instant Articles opens up in April, publishers utilizing standard WordPress templates can enact the plugin out-of-the-case to make Instant Articles. Publishers who are interested in getting more customized production experience can extend the plugin to support the additional elements.

Over to you

Thanks for reading! I am much excited to experiment with Facebook’s Instant Articles once they get rolled out to all the publishers and yes of course eager to know how they can help you increase the engagement and the reach of the contents. Will you be connecting your blog and publishing to Facebook? Love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

Savan Krishna