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9 best examples of successful rebranding

  • October 25, 2018
  • Deepthi Raghunath
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Have you ever seen the design world sitting in eager anticipation? Yes, you will see this when a company announces its rebranding decision. But why? Only because rebranding is not simply a shiny new logo rather it’s a strategic overhaul which entirely renovates public perception. Change can be surprising or divisive transforming it into evolution or revolution. A rebrand can breathe fresh air into your company, and it can extend your reach by attracting new audiences. A point to be noted is that not every rebrand hits the mark, although I am sharing some of the rebrands which got it right.

1. Dunkin Donuts to just Dunkin

Oh yes! Dunkin Donuts has taken an executive decision to drop the “Donuts” from their brand name. This decision was taken to better represent their wide range of product offerings and to get people into stores during the day appealing the younger generations.

2. Dropbox

Describing its new brand identity, the redesign intends to show Dropbox as a living workspace that bring teams and ideas together. Fostering creativity is the major intention of Dropbox with the redesigning. This designing has been done on the idea that extraordinary things happen when diverse minds come together. Dropbox has communicated this visually by pairing contrasting colors, type & imagery showing what’s possible when we bring ideas together in unexpected ways. Shifting the public perception of Dropbox from a place to store your files to a place where creative collaboration takes place.

3. Premier League

The bold and vibrant identity, including a modern take on the lion icon – a symbol that is part of the competition’s heritage.

4. Budweiser

The King of Beers “Budweiser” required an update to its branding, reflecting the soul of its heritage. Firmly associated with the American Dream, Budweiser’s new look channels its brewed the hard way spirit, further establishing it as beverage royalty the world over.

5. Mastercard

Carefully chosen, the colour palette was selected to appear bright and glowing against different backgrounds.

6. Ogilvy

Ogilvy has declared the agency’s re-establishing and the new mission to serve as an integrated creative network that makes brands matter. Proceeding with their “Next Chapter” transformation journey, the organization presented another organizational structure and brand personality.

7. Britannia

To lead new consumers and to explore market opportunities, to mirror the organization’s future plan and portfolio development shaped the premise of the revitalized new positioning for the brand – ‘Exciting Goodness’.

8. Kickstarter

Brooklyn-based funding platform for imaginative tasks Kickstarter has undergone an adjustment in its colour palette and typeface for its word mark logo.

9. YouTube

YouTube has at last given its logo an exceptionally slight invigorate after 12 years. The red “tube” which folded over the word has been moved to the front of the wordmark and transformed into a more recognizable symbol (and more in accordance with the service) – a play button.


To give your business a new lease of life and to capture more customers and conversions, rebranding is the best option you can ever choose. Ask yourself periodically whether the brand is still relevant or has something new to offer. Even a small change can make all the difference in public perception.

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Deepthi Raghunath
Deepthi Raghunath

Well-known as a “Bengali in Sweans” due to the usage of Hindi in my talks I love creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals. Rest assured, my clients are always my priority.


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