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5 Doyens Foresee Digital Marketing In 2016


Marketing channels and tactics are developing rapidly. The ascent of the digital media has created numerous channels for contacting potential clients. Despite the fact that the basics of marketing will continue as before – making one of a kind or inventive messaging, being aware of intended interest group , understanding where to discover them one needs to constantly get new abilities, learn and comprehend as utilization patterns change after some time.

We are adopting the changing scenery of the consumption of available contents and are working through different video based delivery of contents. Taking into consideration the popularity of the video content in the previous year, it will be increasing this year also. Researchers say that by 2017 videos will account about 69 percent of the internet traffic. Experts and their views for the growth of the channels in 2016 are as follows.

Dave Kerpen – Likeable Local.

In 2016, live streaming will go to the masses and just the savvy advertisers will be able to take the preferences accessible at uncommon occasions to stream from. Numerous applications including Periscope, Blab, Meerkat will get to be famous furthermore creating special opportunities.

Chirag Kulkarni – Insightfully.

Because of the online syndication platforms a rising trend of the year 2016 is the promotion of contents Advertisers will need to learn and create quality efficient contents. Video is getting to be key as a tool of distribution as the creation of content increases. Online networking is turning out to be more conspicuous all over and among the advertisers. Advertisers will need to learn and turn out to be more certifiable and make the deal particularly without the invasion of internet selling.

Neil Patel – NeilPatel.com.

There will be an increase in the number of US companies going abroad in 2016. Recent conditions depict that when we take US markets into consideration online marketing is getting competitive all over. Translation of your contents into different popular languages will be helpful in driving more traffic.

Brian Dean – Backlinko.

“I was watching that show Pawn Stars the other day. And the manager of this massive pawn shop said: “When people buy something here, they’re really buying a story.” This anecdote does not apply to the rare coins .These stories actually apply to the digital marketing. Why is this so? It’s just because there is a ridiculous amount of the online content available. To be precise Facebook users posts more than 2 million pieces of contents every minute. To help your brand stand out you have to tell the compelling stories which helps in pulling out emotional heartstrings. Positive emotions always prove to be useful for increasing signups and sales for the business. If your skill of storytelling is not perfect you will have to definitely go through many downturns in 2016.

Brian Solis – X: The Experience When Business Meets Design.

In recent markets, experience play a vital role rather than the products now. They are the lively topics of the consumer comment for all the world to be heard. Brands to get a better evolution in the market needs to not only understand and satisfy the consumers but should be able to anticipate them even before they recognize what are their actual needs. These are referred to as the proactive experiences which are becoming the new standard.


What’s your growth channel going to be in 2016? Would love to hear your views in comments below.

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Deepthi Raghunath

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