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5 Awesome reasons to opt WordPress


Website building actually was a nightmare back in 1990’s. A change in single page had an effect on all other pages. This needed a tedious maintenance and in case if a thought of changing the website design strikes your mind then it was sure to throw out that website. Companies had to incur the high cost of hiring  full time web developers. Recent technological innovations improved the higher end programing and made it easier for the user.Content Management System (CMS) was introduced back in 2000, which were graphical interfaces allowing non website programmers to make changes to text and images. There was  an easy to use software with many salient features, which started to gain attraction. It was getting much popular in the market and people started building websites with it. It was termed as “WORDPRESS” and today maximum number of websites on the internet are created with WordPress.

Sweans team develop websites on the aforesaid platform of WordPress. Lets know the reasons behind using the same platform for all the websites.

1.WordPress : An entire package:

WordPress has number of features in the form of plugins that can be accessed for free. In fact there is an immense plugin library. Plugins are the mini software programs which add incredible functionality of the sites  like contact forms, photo gallery slideshows, sharing and much more. WordPress is fully responsive.

2.WordPress: Secure:

Updation of WordPress takes place three times per year with variety of plugins which are helpful to monitor your site, blocks intruders and informs you when any of the issues occur. Security is always at the top concern in WordPress as its a popular website building software.

3.WordPress: Designed for growth:

WordPress has an incredible theme building community. Themes allow you to change the design and functionality of the site, without changing the underlying architecture and programming. This allow companies to stay with WordPress as their main content management system forever. When the time comes to redesign the site and you have to do is build a new theme. The cost savings are substantial.

4.WordPress: Easy to use:

The creators of WordPress were really clever as they have taken into consideration the pages and posts which are the key areas  utilized to interact on daily basis. At Sweans we typically give an hour of training when handing off a WordPress website, but most of our customers  don’t even need that. We always smile when our clients finish our sentences with, “oh, I just click here, right?”

5.WordPress: Well Supported:

Our clients are trained about the actual usage of the site but, what will he do if he strikes with a query sometimes. When you type  “WordPress Support” in Google, you get about billions of results which shows there is no shortage of the results or support if you are stuck with any of the confusions while maintaining your WordPress website.


Yes I am praising WordPress constantly.If you understand that in reality it is a perfect tool which helps  in getting good business, eliminating your concerns related to website getting obsolete in couple of years you will also love this platform.

Are you planning to enhance the online presence of your business with WordPress? Don’t waste time just, contact us today!!

Deepthi Raghunath
Deepthi Raghunath

Well-known as a “Bengali in Sweans” due to the usage of Hindi in my talks I love creating and managing digital content to build relationships for organizations and individuals. Rest assured, my clients are always my priority.


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