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Conversion focussed navigation-friendly eCommerce website

An Overview

theCream is a skin care product that was born and established in the year 2012. It is a well-accomplished US skincare cream that took decades of research to formulate the ingredients. theCream contributed glowing, healthy skin to consumers using natural, proven and nourishing ingredients. It is the world’s most-awarded skin care cream, with 7 International Skincare awards. theCream approached Sweans to enhance its eCommerce website, and we made necessary refinements to improve their visitor’s experience and maintain the brand persona.


Beauty & Health



Technology Used

Ajax | CSS3 | Html5 | jQuery | Liquid | Php | WooCommerce | WordPress CMS


Reflecting the brand image with an upgraded shopping experience

Our predominant role was allowing the brand to communicate in a user-centric manner. We built the eCommerce website using the powerful CMS to improve the website functionality. theCream was primarily focussing on sales prospects and mobile conversions. We displayed the products in an organized manner and focussed on UI/UX design for easy navigation for the visitors on mobile and desktop devices. Our team could improve its brand image with the help of seamless navigation and a user-friendly eCommerce shopping experience.

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Reinforce market leadership through elegant experiences

Our team of digital experts rebuilt the website design enhancing the user experience. We designed a clean and crisp slider on the homepage. By integrating reliable plugins, we could boost the website’s functionality. We used WordPress CMS integrated with the WooCommerce plugin to deliver results beyond the client’s expectations. The latest website with unique looks and elegant user experience enhanced their market leadership in the cosmetic and healthcare industry. We could also communicate the brand value to the target audience effectively with bespoke experiences.





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