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Virtual Reality: A massive approach by Apple to conquer markets.


Any guesses about the next Apple product? Apple is working on a huge dream of immersing its viewers in an entirely computerized world. To go further with this aim Apple is developing something with a Virtual Reality technology. Recent talks about Apple is basically focused on the iPhone sales. It has been reported that Apple’s recent earnings through the smartphone sales has been dripped down since the iPhone entered into the markets. Because of this, Apple always keeps on looking for the next device to increase the future growth. Company is aware of the fact that a day will arise when iPhone sales will not be enough to keep Apple on its feet and hence the additional technologies will be needed to increase the significant income. That’s the reason why Apple is entering into virtual reality over the past few years through a series of headset prototypes, acquisitions and fresh hires.

Virtual Reality has always been a dream and Apple releasing a product will definitely be a big deal for the industry. Let us run down through some of the special evidences which shows Apple’s interest in Virtual reality.

Four specialized startups in related technologies

Even though Apple has not made a splash of multi-billion dollar as done by Facebook when it bought Oculus for $2 billion, it’s still a major buyer when it comes to Virtual Reality Startups.
Recent purchases made by Apple are as follows:
A company popular in transforming a user’s face into a 3D digital cartoon titled Faceshift, Prime Sense, the company which made video sensor hardware specifically tuned for different kinds of computer vision applications, a German company Metaio that made an app, visualizing what digital furniture might look like in your home, and FlyBy Media, a company which has worked with both Apple and Google on computer Vision.

Staffing up

Financial Times, reported that Apple already has a team working on the augmented and virtual reality technologies, building prototype headsets. A researcher from Virginia Tech, Doug Bowman, who is well versed with the studies of 3D interfaces and human computer interaction and Nick Thompson who was working previously on HoloLens both have been hired by Apple.

A product turning an iPhone into a virtual reality headset: The View Master

Apple’s stores have started selling out the new View Master which is a product that turns an iPhone into a virtual reality headset and hence it is an indicator of awareness which Apple has regarding the phone based virtual reality.

Slow and steady wins the race

It’s common that Apple is always slow in showing up late to the trends in the technology and then using its marketing powers to catch up the market quickly. It’s likely that Apple will not wait too longer before jumping into Virtual reality as this segment will explode over the next few years. This does not mean that we will soon see something from the huge iPhone maker this year, virtual reality could be an ideal pairing of software and hardware for which Apple is known for.


When Tim Cook was asked about Apple’s ambitions on virtual reality his response was not at all a denial rather it was not a confirmation though.

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