We are a 10-year-old digital marketing agency. We are pretty heavy on ad tech and became interested in blockchain and crypto currencies early in 2017. We bought an ASIC miner and took it apart. Further, we put it back together and set it up. We tinkered with the miner for 3 months to get the best possible output and started searching for a place to host the next batch of miners that we had ordered.

We were shocked and alarmed at the nonexistence of good miner colocation services. Most of the companies we talked to were either too expensive or were located in countries where contracts couldn’t be enforced. So, we decided to set up our own crypto mining data center. Once we decided to set it up, we understood that its only practical if we have scale. We don’t nearly have enough capital to buy the 10000 miners that we want. So, we finally decided to turn this into a business model and offer the best miner colocation service in the world (yuuuge claim).

We are headquartered in rainy London and our data centers are located in Sweden.
We chose Sweden for 6 reasons;

  • Country in the European Union.
  • Sweden is among the top countries with the largest number of Bitcoin Miners.
  • A stable and friendly government policy towards crypto currencies.
  • Upto 100 MW Sanctioned power availability.
  • Best cooling in Europe.
  • Hydro energy.

So this is our story and we are happy that you read through the whole thing.
We would love to host and maintain your miners.

Happy Mining !