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MasterCard revamped its look by changing its logo for the first time in 20 years.

I am sure all of you have a MasterCard in your wallet. Isn’t that so? It has quite recently expired.

Stunned? No, don’t get stunned. You can still use it for your transactions. However just one thing which I need to inform you all is that; it has recently patched up its look. One of the delicate changes was to lowercase the “C” in card.

MasterCard’s recognizable orange and red circles just got a facelift. No more CamelCase; it’s just “Mastercard” now (and from time to time “mastercard,” yet we’ll get to that). As a major aspect of a worldwide push to reinforce the Mastercard brand, enhanced brand imprint is divulged. Rather than interlocking in the center as they once in the past did, the two circles now mix into each other in a design that looks precisely like a Venn diagram.

You may think: Why to bother? But remember you are one among the 2.3 billion people who are the dynamic clients of the cards. In Mastercard’s inside surveys, more than 80 percent of the participants of the survey recognized those circles as its brand. It was well known. It worked. “This is truly a standout amongst the most extensively appropriated and most generally seen brands in the world,” says Michael Bierut, who outlined the new branding with Pentagram partner Luke Hayman.

Regardless, of who’s doing the rethinking, Mastercard’s ineradicable brand identity is the kind, associations need to take off alone—especially associations who are involved in financial services. “People basically don’t trust financial service providers,” as said by John Paolini, head of design at Sullivan, a branding agency which has worked with banks and financial organizations. Branding is one way banks and credit cards build trust with their clients. Change is startling.

Change is likewise steady. In the same way as other 21st-century financial institutions, Mastercard’s business is about more than credit cards. It’s additionally an online payment platform, an advanced wallet, and an innovative organization. So the branding must be adaptable, as well.

Clarification: Companies need their logos to look great wherever you experience them—on a tablet screen, a smartwatch, or a smartphone. The challenge for Bierut and Hayman was to redesign Mastercard’s logo without tossing out years of brand recognition.

Ajay C Thomas

I am Ajay C Thomas, the Founder & CEO of Sweans Technologies Ltd, a Global Digital Agency specialized in Digital Marketing, Social Media, Branding & Web Designing Services offering proven results for various clients across the globe.

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