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Harley Davidson’s digital marketing case study.

Harley Davidson's digital marketing case study

Table of Contents

Ajay C Thomas


Harley-Davidson the most demanded brand of motorcycles is an American iconic brand which got a marketing boost from artificial intelligence.

This is a real example of how digital marketing has become useful these days to promote and to engage audience and to get profits. Harley Davidson wanted to lift sales for its touring range of motorbike and create audience engaging content. They hired 303Lowe a boutique full service agency to achieve this objective of lifting up sales.

Target Audience

Existing and potential customers of Harley Davidson motorbikes.

Campaign Actions

  • To launch 24- hour test rides, the agency created an end sequence to a short film where a man wakes up with a Harley. Young filmmakers were invited to view the film online and where challenged to show how the film begins.
  • There was a huge response received in the form of short films with different beginning and a common ending.
  • The agency then planned an Open Road Film Festival Event in which a public screening of the top eight films was to be done.
  • The event took place at The Bucket List, which was a popular nightspot in Australia’s legendary Bondi Beach.
  • This event attracted vast audiences including many of the Australian celebrities also.
  • The film festival was featured online wherein viewers across New Zealand and Australia voted for their favorite films.
  • Prizes were awarded to the filmmakers and the voters which included a Harley- Davidson Iron 883, canon cameras and equipment’s.

The campaign was altogether a grand success and it lifted up huge results for the brand. Some of the comments from the experts point of view are highlighted for our viewers reference:

  1. Bryan Brown, Producer, said:’the more opportunities for young Australian film makers, the more creative the Oz film industry can be.The Open Road Film Festival is fantastic because it has the potential to help new directors get noticed.The prizes are pretty good too.’
  2. Matt Clarke: Head of Business Management at 303Lowe, said, ‘After presenting the idea to Harley , just over a year ago, to see it conclude with eight diverse and interesting films is extremely rewarding & has created some excellent content. It builds on Harley’s association with film going back to the likes of “easy Rider”.
  3. Richard Berney, Creative Director, said.” Great to see this work so well. This was a new way to generate content and use the burning creativity that is in the Australian film industry for the benefit of both Harley and young Aussie film makers’.

The end result of a 43 % uplift in sales is extremely impressive. I have tried to  provide a brief synopsis of the actual results of the campaign in the form of infographics.

Ajay C Thomas