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Decisive On-Page SEO factors Dominating Google’s Search Results in 2017.

Decisive On-Page SEO factors Dominating Google's Search Results in 2017

Table of Contents

Ajay C Thomas


Website optimization experts thrive hard with efficient keyword ranking which is a ceaseless puzzle. Consistently the strategy of scratching through SERP advances with Google’s steadily changing algorithms. To concentrate on the changing situations and the most recent elements bringing you the advantages of SERP results, here I have attempted to rattle off the on-page components to be known by each SEO expert to use more.

SPEED: The vital aspect for Google having very high impact

A crucial factor for any website is absolutely the loading speed of that site. Speed affects the engagement percentage and the ranking order of the website.   Speed also provides a pleasing user experience leading to the probabilities of the conversion since every component is interconnected with each other. To make your website SEO friendly try more to fix the speed. One of my colleague has already described more about the page speed in his blog. Have a look: observations to demonstrate the importance of page speed.

Amp: Accelerated Mobile Pages

AMP presented by Google empowers stacking of content optimized by mobile at lightning speeds. It doesn’t go about as a ranking element but has an artistic advantage in ranking over pages which are not empowered with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

Elongated contents rank better and has a very high impact

Content on the first page includes 1890 words and use of long content leads to rank better on Google SERP. This kind of a correlation between content and the site ranking is much useful for greater engagement of the users and increase social shares as well. Longer content usually has greater topical relevancy enabling Google to understand the content better.

Security of your site matters and impacts moderately

Trust building plays a very vital role and helps achieve the goal of higher ranking on SERP. SSL certification and the shift to HTTPS helps Google understand that the website is safe for all the transactions. Enabling an SSL certificate on your e-commerce site provides a minor benefit in ranking because Google always helps users to get a credible and trustworthy user experience.

Topical content has a high impact on ranking

Content has always been the King, creation of content which is highly pertinent and related to your topic gives a slight advantage in Google rankings.  Google always ranks good quality and relevant content. Longer content description with images and a strong focus on informational and quality content generation gives you the upper hand in Google’s rankings.

Schema pulls up relevant content and helps Google

A set of semantic codes to put on your website which enables Google to fetch the relevant information related to the content based on user query is termed as Schema.To understand more about Schema have a look at this wiki page.
How is Schema going to help your SEO?
Websites that have implemented Schema ranks four positions better than ones without Schema. Researchers suggest that websites implementing structured data using Schema have better click through rates than the ones without Schema.

Queries deserve freshness and it impacts moderately

Trending and fresh topics are always placed on the top of Google’s search.
For example: If something happens somewhere the first news appears in just a fraction of seconds. To yield all the benefits of the query your SEO needs to emphasize on building trending news and topics contents. As faster as you are with the relevant, high quality content, your website gets much faster. Recently the trend is revolving around the voice search and is gaining more popularity across the globe. The content which answers queries on SERP is preferred more by Google.

Keywords are most vital in Heading tags and has a very high impact

Despite everything, heading tag has a great precedence in Googles list of ranking components Heading tag is expected to be most important for the content on your site page, and it ought to have your target keyword for the specific URL. Web search tools ordinarily indicate H1 to H3 on your content.

Mobile has a high priority

Researches divulge that 85% of the searches are carried out on mobile these days and that’s the reason why responsive web design is becoming the need of the hour.  Lack of a responsive design will lead to lose the traffic. Google’s Ranking Algorithm gives a high priority to the website designs on SERP. Google focuses on Accelerated Mobile Pages enabling web pages to be super-fast on mobile devices.

Exact matching keywords in title impacts the ranking moderately

Meta tags title optimization is the other element around the basics of SEO. You need an obvious chain of importance for the website contents which concentrates on exceptional keywords for each pertinent landing page recognizing the content needed to rank a keyword.


SEO will develop and show signs of improvement consistently. 2017 holds guarantee for more sophisticated techniques of SEO, so just hone up your abilities and provide a major positioning lift for your website.

Ajay C Thomas