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5 reasons of why to spend more money for digital marketing today.


Just think that your business is a vehicle with the help of which you can attain success in the industry. Take an example of your car which might be small or ordinary but it will definitely get you to where you want to be only the condition is that you should know where to go and how to drive it.The same is the situation in front of any business owner.

Building new and retaining old relationships is the main motto of the digital marketing. Digital marketing can be finely described as the promotion of brands or different products via various forms of electronic media. This kind of marketing encompasses variety of electronic advertising techniques. Different surveys shows that website visits have been doubled since last three years and it is definitely going to increase in the near future also. Successful digital marketing is a frisky framework that depends upon people, process and technology. As in this century digital marketing runs over traditional marketing and it depends upon the key components like website design, SEO, social media marketing, content marketing etc.

I am sure you all are wondering why you need to use digital marketing if your business is going fine. Just take a minute to think over the future. Ask yourself a question. What will happen when I get more competition??????

And also I would like to focus on different reasons for spending more money for digital marketing which are explained as follows:

1. Cost-effectiveness:

Traditional marketing is much expensive than that of digital marketing as for example, if you are thinking of increasing your brand awareness, the very first medium which you will be opting is giving an add on TV or newspaper, but as you know this will be much expensive medium. The space for the add will cost you lot more and if it gets much popularity it will be a success and if not it will the wastage of time. Taking into consideration different digital marketing strategies and their minimum risks involved an intelligent businessman should plan for this kind of marketing. Creation of social network pages, posting of effective blogs is something which is absolutely free although a small amount of money to be paid for additional services. Comparing the cost of a small add in a newspaper and digital marketing will lead to a conclusion of opting an affordable medium of digital marketing only. An added advantage of digital marketing is that you get more room to test your success, which could eventually save you a lot of money by just using what works.

2. Tracking Return on investment is easy:

Return on investment will be the main aim of any businessman ever. Tracking the performance of the pages can be measured with the help of different available tools. Traffic which goes to your page and the keywords used can be checked out with these specialized tools. Hence in digital marketing you get the power of tracking your return on investment and measure your success immediately and you can calculate how much success is contributed by your digital marketing approach.

3. Searching and engaging your customers:

Digital marketing widens the reach of the business in terms of its popularity and the customers. This is not quite easy in the case of traditional marketing techniques. Through digital marketing you can reach your targeted audience very easily. To be a successful business person you should be able to judge the kinds of people who will like or get benefits from your services or the products. Social networking sites help you to reach those people who are eager to get the products. You can regularly be in touch with these customers through digital marketing. Facebook, twitter and other different kinds of social networking site helps you to know how many customers are your followers and how much shares your product is getting which again leads to publicity. Bonding between you and your customers also increases due to digital marketing there is a creation of strong relationship where you can connect them to your company and its new arrivals.

4.Visibility increases:

Online visibility of your company is a major constitute dealing with the profitability of your business. Creating websites and posting high quality blogs related to your products and services will definitely help your audience to get useful information they need. Company’s pages on different social media networking sites like Google, Facebook, Twitter having millions of users lead you to get more and more customers and investors. Different techniques like SEO which can be used to raise your popularity and to brand the contents will help you to gain more visibility. Through these social networking sites a news can be spread all over the world within fractions of seconds. Newsletter subscription is the best way to get your customers contact or email id through which you can send them the details about your products.

5. An investment:

Digital marketing is truly an investment towards the success. This kind of marketing is based on the optimization of the sites, SEO strategies and different tools you adopt for the same. But effective utilization of all this will help in further adjustments and development. Failure of your ad once will not lead to a huge loss and it’s easier to prepare a new one without fearing about the cost. Digital marketing helps you to go live internationally also and you can make your business known to the global world.


 If we research more on the scope and wider aspects related to digital marketing it can be concluded that a cost effective marketing technique will always lead you to reach the success and definitely in this global world a smart business man, will have to opt this marketing to get known to the world and the wide range of customers. Now, i am  sure as a smart businessman you will definitely research more on digital marketing and its effectiveness. Please feel free and let me know your queries.

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Ajay C Thomas

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