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WP COVID-19 Schema

WP COVID-19 Schema plugin adds a schema snippet in the WordPress websites of schools and hospitals to serve the specific purpose of announcements.


What is Schema Markup?

Schema (schema.org) is referred to a structured data vocabulary defining actions, relationships and entities on the web. This is a code snippet helping search engines to understand the meaning of the subject matters (entities) on the Internet so as to provide the best user experience for the internet users. Search engines including Google is on the mission of building a more semantic web. These markups play a crucial role in effective internet communication.


What is COVID-19 Schema?

On 16th March 2020, Schema.org added coronavirus-related structured data types in version 7.0 due to the massive COVID- 19 outbreak. “CovidTestingFacility” is the significant structured data type introduced in this update. It represents both temporary and established testing facilities opened to handle the Coronavirus pandemic.


What are the benefits of adding the Schema now?

This schema type has been introduced recently. Search engines are still working on the usage of these snippets for the benefit of the public. Due to the severity of the pandemic it’s for sure that they will give more importance to the website with this snippet

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