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SWL Collection

Exciting and exclusive collection for women of all ages

An Overview

SWL or SuperWoman Lifestyle cosmetics collection was designed and developed for women in 2013. Women with a lot of followers or who are models can explore and browse lip products by colour. The website is not exclusive to lipstick and glosses but also consists of products like eyeshadows and blushes that cater to women of all ages. SWL required an eCommerce platform that underlines the quality and luxury of products. SWL approached Sweans to streamline a consistent and stylish eCommerce website that has the potential to improve sales.




SWL Collection

Technology Used

Ajax | CSS3 | Html5 | jQuery | Php | WooCommerce | WordPress CMS

Intelligently designed stylish eCommerce website

Our team delivered an eCommerce website with consistent design and easy navigation, allowing customers to perceive the brand image and user-friendly experience. The website revolutionized its sales prospects and gained momentum in the global market. Our easy-to-use but advantaged content management solution made a difference in the eCommerce competitive environment. We incorporated stylish and vibrant images that delivered a strong brand persona. Our strong skills and expertise built a website that allows customers to feel the luxury and style of the products.

swl collections first gallery image
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Feature-rich, brand-consistent creative design

We focused on understanding the features required for the customer’s journey. So we prepared wireframes for each page and applied unique and brand-consistent creative design. As a result, we could craft the store focusing on the customers and engaging them in brand identity. Customers always experience a consistent look and feel of the website. Our team integrated advanced plugins to improve the functionality quotient. SWL improved sales figures and gained popularity among fashionistas, models, and celebrities.






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